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May 2014 Latest News >> MasTec is now distributing Zoglab

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Welcome to the MasTec Website

The format of our front page and enewsletters are being changed this month from a manufacturer focus to a category focus.

We have so many great companies that never got exposed in the old style Front Page and our monthly eNewsletter.

A category focus will fix this and allow us more freedom to expose a greater depth of technology to you all.

Good things take time to evolve. (Smile)

To start the new category layout, we will show off this month one of our most popular categories >>>>>> Computing in General
but specifically Industrial and Instrumentation grade Computing, with all the new offshoots such as Smart Handheld Devices, Tough Tablets, Medical, Vehicle & Marine Computers and the hugely broad Industrial Computing with many new formats.

As Intel, AMD and ARM CPU designs evolve with less power and faster execution, it is becoming possible to build tiny but incredibly powerful Industrial or Instrumentation computers, with spectacular specs.
( read the piece below on AAeons new sealed computers shown at Comtex this year).

Have you noticed that the revolution in software though is not keeping pace with the hardware. There is still a long grind to build software. However this is changing and the new almost auto code builders for Smart Device Apps are amazing.

Things like groov technology has revolutionised HMI building a quantum step, compared to older software techniques.

Also, see our new Runbo products read

So with our new format in mind, we have spent a little time and developed a Front page and eNewsletter schedule for category groups for each issue for a complete year.

Here are the category lists for each month, starting in the next issue.

  • PLCs, PACs, Controllers, Smart Relays
  • groov, Displays, HMI, All weather computers & signage,
  • All Comms, Ethenet & Fibe Switches, IP Products, POE, Media converters
  • GPIB & DAQ in all formats -- PC plug in buses, IP, Serial, USB, Bluetooth, Wifi
  • Test Instruments, PXI, LXI & Software
  • Sensors, Transducers, Encoders, Conditioners, Imaging and Motion
  • Loggers, Recorders, Meters, Lab Instruments
  • SSR, Relays, Thyristors, Soft starters
  • UPS, Conditioners, PDUs, KVM, Energy Usage, Cloud & Servers Room Racking & Accessories
  • Wireless, M2M, Routers, Gateways, Modems, Modules & Embedded Modules 3G, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi + Cloud M2M Services
  • Electro Hydraulic, Marine, Mobile & Alternative Power, 1>3 Phase, AC Frequency conversion, Power Sources

That seems almost complete for our product lines, except for just a few speciality items like education + anatomy + physiology.

Howeer, we feel it is a nice dissection of our manufacturers and category lines and it now allows a huge amount of technology to be shown off that has not been shown before.

Each month we will also select a few of the companies in each category, to show off any new developments and products.

Any feedback on this new style is always welcome.

Also each month from now, we will propose a question to our audience on some technology.

This month's question for all the techies.
Which Bus is Best for Test System Building??
Read what others are saying.

LabVIEW Development & LabVIEW Training
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Embedded Boards w/ Qservice ???
Ultra-Slim Box PCs

AAEON will not only showcase the best-in Intel and AMD embedded board solutions and Q Service provided by their R&D team to assist you to build up your intelligent systems, but also demos
the world’s smallest fanless box computers with full features for every application.

NVR w/ Linux Support ???
Industrial-grade Field-testing Rugged Tablets

AAEON’s NVR surveillance solutions with Linux support, MIL-STD-810G compliant industrial grade rugged mobile tablet solutions
(Windows and Android), and eTransportation solutions for railway, and passenger vehicles with seamless communication.

Firewall & Cloud Optimization Solution ???
Storage Service with big Capacity

AAEON will feature its industrial cloud solutions including complete firewalls product line offering and high performance storage server with customization service.

Your Industrial ASUS company Interest

An Asus Associate Company
Two new Android Tablets overview
7" link 10.1" link

Your Advanced Technology Company Interest

IMX-3000 industrial mobile computer link
Very advanced Technology

Your Huge Computer Company Interest

We ship a lot of Advantech each year
Have a look at their Medical and Fanless range link

Embedded Wierless Computers Interest

Embeddable New ConnectCore® 6
Freescale i.MX6 Cortex A9 system-on-module

Linux and CE ARM Boards Interest

New ARM 7 & 9 Embedded Systems

Embedding & Tough Tablets Interest

One of the best ranges in the business

Embedding Interest

Remember this board
Retro PCI computer with ISA bus also
IBase is still pushing the embedded envelope

DAQ Interest

OEM Series >>>
USB-12/14/1608FS-Plus-OEM & USB 1608G
Do you need to Embedded DAQ >> Read More

App Note Interest

DIO Techniques

Simply the Best Redundant UPSs- Interest

Newfoundland Network Control Systems UPSs
Read More

Antaira Asmag Ratings on Products read
Alliance Sensors Article Bridge Monitoring read
Alliance Sensors Power Point link
Emerson Industrial Power Products read
ICP DAS NewsLetter read
ZigSense SMS Wireless M2M with IO read

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Maestro 3G Industrial 3GIR E200 pdf read
MCC DAQami you tube intro read
MCC Choosing DAQ software read
groov HMI for almost all PLCs & PACs read
Vartech 24 " Tough NEMA4 Computer read
Vartech LCD Monitors Class 1 Div2 read

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