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Measurement Computing products

World leading maker of DAQ and Logger products.

Their DAQ and Logger range comes in many interface formats :-

  • PCI, PCIe, ISA, PC-104
  • USB, Serial and Ethernet
  • Wireless Wifi and Bluetooth

MasTec has been marketing MCC since 1994 and has hundreds of sites with thousands of units running,

We highly recommend Measurement Computing products. They are one of premier suppliers

Measurement Computing Corp (MCC) is a long time build of DAQ products with excellent software support.

Also look at ioTech a sister company.

Measurement Computing products

Here are some additional DAQ resources to help you get started:

Data Acquisition Product Selection Guide
And for bulk OEM buys link

Resources, videos, white papers, social mediia link
Support, drivers, manuals, link

Excellent Driver Software

Two types of driver support.

Standard APIs

API works C, C++, C#, VB, .net, LabVIEW and others.

Text based DAQFlex Library

Linux, Windows and Apple - Android - Portable across all languages

For LabVIEW there are two Levels

From LabVIEW 5 to 8.2 - Old Style Legacy VIs
From LabVIEW 8.5 to now - Task and Event based

Interface to Android Smart Phones or Tablets

Any MCC's USB DAQ modules that supports the new
texted base messaging MCC DAQFlex open source library will connect.

  • Read a little more
  • Read - white paper on DAQ & Android Tablets
  • Example Programs for USB DAQ Android
  • MCC has a growing list of suitable USB DAQ
  • Use C++, C#, Java, Python etc
  • You can now build custom instrumentation
  • New Android Tablet and DAQ bundles
  • Python with DasyLab

MCC recent Front page

Please visit the Measurement Computing site

Talk to a MasTec Sales Engineer


USB DAQ Products
Ethernet DAQ

Wireless DAQ - Read Bluetooth and Wifi DAQ


Temperature Measurement
Strain Measurement
GPIB or IEEE-488
Serial 232, 485
MCC Signal Conditioner
IOTech Conditioner #1 - Conditioner #2
PC-104 - USB-104

Life time warranty on most products is a great differentiator link


Instrumentation Software

Tracer DAQ and Tracer DAQ Pro with
Scope - Strip Chart - Function Gen - Rate Gen

DAS Wizard

Universal Library
Standard API
C, C++, C#, VB, .net, LabVIEW - others

Universal Library for LabVIEW
LV 5 to 8.2

Universal Library X for LabVIEW
LV 8.5 onwards - Superb - you will love this

Universal Library for Android
API Library for supported MCC DAQ Devices that support the Android™ Platform

Full Soft pack for easy solutions - excellent

No Program DAQ, Log, Graph and Excel - excellent

And if you need LabVIEW ask MasTec as we are a supplier .

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Welcome to MasTec - March- April 2017


Ethernet DAQ


 DAQ with or separate Signal Conditioners


  Temperature Measurement RTD, TC, Thermistor


  High Channel Count TC


 Digital IO - TTL/CMOS or High Current


Company High Lite This Month

Measurement Computing Corporation

MasTec has distributed MCCDAQ since the mid 90s.

Customers from that period will remember the name original name "Computer Boards"

Renamed Measurement Computing Corporation >> MCC is one of our premier companies in our Distribution Company Stable.

We have thousands of their products running in Oceania.

Their product range is very broad, so please ask for help in selecting the correct unit if you get overwhelmed.

They are highly reliable products.

We very rarely have failure or warranty claims.

Below are some links to their product site.

USB DAQ Products

Ethernet DAQ

Wireless DAQ - Read Bluetooth and Wifi DAQ




Temperature Measurement

Strain Measurement

GPIB or IEEE-488

Serial 232, 485

MCC Signal Conditioner



IOTech High Channel Count DAQ

#1 Conditioner #2


Data Translation Products

Dynamic Signal Analysis


Company High Lite This Month


 Bluetooth and Android DAQ

USB Data Loggers  (with memory cards)




  WiFi Loggers




  Raspberry Pi USB DAQ


Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition Software


Univext Langauge LIbrary

Univext Langauge LIbrary for LabVIEW

Measurement Computing Software Products

Build Software systems using

Standard Text Languages or .Net

LabVIEW >> both Legacy and the new ULx Libraries
DasyLab   >>
Full software development
DAQAmi   >>
Powerful Application DAQ + Excel Files
Powerful Application Strip, Scope, Generators

Linux libraries

Bluetooth and WiFi DAQ
Android Libraries
Raspberry Pi Libraries
Signal Processing Math Libraries

and much more

Universal Langauge LIbrary for Android

Linux Support



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