Digi XBee3™ Cellular LTE CAT 1
Digi XBee3™ smart modems offer the easiest way to integrate cellular connectivity into an OEM device or IoT gateway

NZ Compliant
XBEE 900MHz Modues for Long Haul Wireless
Simply Build 900MHz into your products

CE and UL Cellular LTE XBEE Modules
Simply Build Cellular 4G into your products

Line Conditioning

Medical Grade UPSs

Cellular XBEE LTE Module

XBEE IO Modules

XBEE Hihgh Power 900MHZ Modules


  Programmable Routers with Comms and IO

Digi International Products

MasTec has been distributing parts of the Digi range since 1992 and is NZ's only full Digi distributor.

This company makes superb products, well worth a careful study. Do ask for help as their product range is diverse and huge. If you can't find what you want send a mail to MasTec.

Digi have a unique product line called XBEE that is an Embeddable RF Module series of interchangeable Chip/Carriers that allow rapid build and redesigns to cover many frequency and technologies.

Digi International is one of MasTec's Premier Suppliers. MasTec sells hundreds of their Wireless routers and gateways, plus thousands of their XBEE modules each year.

Digi International is the leader in commercial & industrial grade device connectivity products using networking and wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) products.

Digi embedded and non-embedded products are marketed under the Digi® and Rabbit® brands.

Digi also is a leader in the IoT with Cloud Services

Digi Wireless products available in NZ are GSM, 3G and LTE Cellular and 2.4GHZ .(Bluetooth, Zigbee, Digimesh, WiFi) and in 2016 the new 900MHz long distance data and device mesh systems.

Digi Solutions include

Mobile Assets
Device Cloud for M2M

Digi embedded products include
Wireless Modules
Embeddable Microprocessors with Wireless
Single-board computers
Development kits
Design services through Design Solutions.

Non-embedded products include
Cellular Routers
Cellular Gateways
Cellular Modems
Wireless network systems XBEE and XBEE3 products (ZigBee, Digimesh, Wi-Fi, 900MHz RF, Cellular, Wifi )
Serial servers
Intelligent console servers,
USB connectivity products
Remote display products,

Plust the #1 selling serial card line

More detail on the Range of Products

XBEE3 Modules

The Digi XBee3 platform provides the smallest smart IOT End-node to meet today's need to acquire and process data at the end device and send only actionable data upstream in the network. The Digi XBee3 delivers the smallest programmable module providing RF connectivity for short range and LPWAN applications.
" Micro Size (13 x 19mm), 1/3 the size of the original SMT
" Design Flexibility, one module, all protocols
" Native Programmability, reduced BOM cost by eliminating need for external microcontroller
" Security, complete IOT security with Digi TrustFence™

3G and 4G LTE Routers for Backhauls, fallback redundancy, multi SIM, Programmable, many protocols, secure and industrial grades.

GPRS, 3G M2M Gateways with Zigbee, Wifi DSL links, programmable in Python. USB + Serial and IO

XBee Series Modules - a must view, unique, speed up your builds of new product designs.

Bluetooth Wireless

Wi-Fi Wireless access points and end points + device servers
Mesh Wireless through ZigBee and Digimesh -- serial data streams, RS-232, 485, Modbus and more.

Mesh Wireless modules with analog and digital I/O

Smart Energy Zigbee and accessories

Zigbee with programmability in core module SMT



USB products

USB Anywhere

Console servers

Serial servers

Famous Digi Serial cards

iDigi Cloud services


OEM and ODM Supply

Advanced over the air remote management software

IOT products and software.

Product: XCTU Configuration & Test Utility

Digi is pleased to announce the release of XCTU 6.3 Configuration and Test Utility Software which includes new tools and features that make it easier than ever to set-up, configure and test Digi's RF modules.

XCTU 6.3 can be downloaded for free on the XCTU product page or can be updated through the help section of XCTU. This update adds many new and exciting features and bug fixes.

New Features:

Spectrum Analyzer Tool
A new tool used to test and measure the spectrum of the selected radio band. The analysis reports the noise level of each channel indicating its best, worst and average measure.

Throughput tool
This new tool allows you to measure the maximum transfer ratio from one radio module to another in the same network. The Throughput tool offers 3 session modes and several payload configuration options to test different combinations.

Command Line Interface (CLI) support
Added CLI support to XCTU. A new executable has been added within the installation path to execute the application in CLI mode without graphic interface.

Look and Feel/UI Changes
The UI of XCTU has been modified displaying a simpler look & feel. None of the controls have been moved or modified, so application workflow remains the same for every feature and tool.
XCTU now includes a menu bar to access all the XCTU features, tools and working modes. All the menu items have a keyboard shortcut associated for a faster access to the features.

A new page to configure the XCTU UI has been added to the preferences section.

Also look at Rabbit

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Routers with Python
Medical Grage UPSs

Medical Grage UPSs

M2M, IOT,Industrial Wireless and Embedding

M2M, IOT,Industrial Wireless and Embedding

XBEE Format Devices


What is XBEE??? read

Digi 900 MHZ Aus and NZ models read

MasTec is interested to hear from engineers who have an interest in 900MHZ wireless systems.

You may have noticed that the NZ RF govt.nz group have opened the 900MHZ band to now cover from 915 to 928MHz ( with some restrictions)
We have 900MHZ wireless ready to go

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Why is XBEE important??? read

XBEE Land Page - XBEE Cellular read

Digi International has several 900MHZ wireless technologies ready to go for the NZ market.

XBEE, Modem, M2M, Mesh and Long Distance
We are looking for clients who require OEM quantities of these products to make the RF Certification process feasible

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M2M, IOT,Industrial Wireless and Embedding

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