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Technology Rugged Tablets

 Windows Centric for real world industrial usage


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HMI Ladder and C Development software


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  Winmate - Arbor - Panasonic - AAeon
Technology Rugged Tablets


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 Rugged Handheld Computers
Fully rugged sealed to IP67. Meets & exceeds MIL-STD-810F extreme temps, thermal shock, free-fall drop, immersion in water, rain & humidity.


  Rugged Tablets


  Smartphones > IP67

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 Medical Tablets


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From facilities management to mobile payment systems, AAEON rugged tablet PCs bring the power and durability to make sure the job gets done. With hot-swappable batteries, sunlight readable screens, dust and water-resistant design, our family of rugged tablets are built to keep working all day wherever you need to work. Available accessories such as hand straps and docking stations provide more ergonomic use, while options including glove friendly touch screens and built-in 4G/LTE support provide even greater flexibility.
Ruggedized Medical Tablets
Windows & Android Centric for doing real work
A range of rugged Tablets for all Medical markets.
Ambulance, Patient, Operating Rooms, Out Patient
infotainment Systems
  Handheld and Mountable Units and Kits    

Ruggedized Tablets for Industry
Windows & Android Centric for doing real work

A range of rugged Tablets for all vertical markets.

Field Service, Real Estate, Retail, Logisitics and Warehousing, Transport, Defence and many more

  Full blown Smart Tablets, Drop over a meter on to concrete and survive, IP ratings to meet your needs    

Android + ARM Cortex or Win CE and Atom
Android or CE solutions embody all the aspects of tablets and Smart phone into a significant PDAs for Logisitics and Warehousing   Full blown Smart PDA 3G, Laser Scanner, Mag Strip, Card reader, keys, GPRS, 3G,WiFI and Bluetooth and more.    

In - Vehicle Computers
Win Embedded and Atom
Windows Embedded solutions embody all the aspects of Panel PC but they have huge IO and mount in vehicles,   Very capable vehicle computers    

Handheld PCs
Win Embedded and Atom
Running either Android or Win CE, XP or WIn 7 -- Soon Win 8   Very capable Smart Mobile Industrial Computers    

Ruggedized Tablets for Military and Super Stringent
Windows & Android Centric for doing real work
Extreme situations   Full blown Smart Tablets, Drop over 2 meter on to concrete and survive, Military IP ratings to meet your needs    

Smart Panel Kits
Embeddable Kits
Some Andorid, CE and others with HMI tools for PLCs, PACs etc
Others for Home and Industrial Building Automation
  Very capable Smart Panel Kits    
Smart Phone        
OPTO 22 iPhone PAC Apps   Imagine having a series of beautiful instruments that can run on that iPhone/Pod/Pad you have in your pocket with that beautiful LCD and Slide touch screen.    
Smart Phone
DAQ or Data Acquisition
MCC DAQ's Android and Windows USB or Bluetooth DAQ   Using the Text Based messaging DAQ FLex libraries it is quite easy to link to Android devices a growing family of USB DAQ products
Android and WIndows DAQ libraries for Bluetooth DAQ
Smart Phone
Android iDigi Cloud for Androids
Digi's Android Kit allows rapid connection for any Android device   The kit includes drivers and unique Digi software extensions to easily create Android-based applications on embedded platforms while eliminating what is typically months of tedious driver development work.    

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