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Sys Tec of Germany

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Sys Tec started its industrial focus with all things CanBus and expanded and included OpenCan.

Sys Tec realised that Development Kits were the quickest and easiest way for clients to get into this technology. They have a vast array of development kits, downloads for software to make the experience efficient and permanent.

Hand in Hand with the kits came SOMs, Systems on Modules and many embedded boards and software aids.

To allow a full experience with no comms difficulties, Sys Tec introduced many types of Comms Gateways for connecting to their development and embedded products.

When the Ethernet PowerLink Hardware and Software spec was released, SysTec was an instant player, having all the technology to translate PowerLink into real devices.

They have a broad set of Development kits using many OSs, CPUs and VHDL FPGAs.

Modules by Architecture

Freescale QorIQ LS1
Freescale ARM11
Freescale Coldfire
Atmel ARM9
Intel x86 ATOM
Infineon Tricore
Altera FPGA
Infineon C16x
Fujitsu MB90

The natural extension of all this technology was IOT and Sys Tec were one of the first to offer meaningful Kits to develop IOT embedded systems.

Their latest development is the SOM IoT Chip.

The Sys Tec  IoT Chip is easy to integrate for use in the Internet of Things applications and also the connecting of devices/machines to the cloud.

Like all Sys Tec devices, the IoT Chip is designed for the direct connection to the Cloud.

The benefits of the SYS TEC electronic IoT Chip lies in its design, ease of use, security and cloud connection. On the chip are libraries and protocols such as MQTT, Modbus or CANopen which are ready to use immediately.

The templates supplied in the source code are available to users as a starting point for their own customisation. I²C and SPI make it possible to directly connect actuators and sensors.

This allows the entire measurement, control and regulation to be
handled on the IoT chip ( Itis like a small PAC or PLC. As a result, the chip works independently of the cloud.

There is also no additional gateway required for cloud connection.

Sys Tec's IoT Chip delivers M2M communication at the highest level, as well as being efficient and available at a moderate cost.

Sys Tec is partnered with IBM for IOT Read more

Please visit Systec site for details.

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