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Welcome to our MasTec Newsletter for October 2015

Last Month we introduced Test Equipment NZ

A large amount of work has been done on this site over the last month.

Please have another look at NZ's largest selection of Test and Lab Instruments.

The site cannot possibly contain all the instruments we have as there are hundreds. If you don't find what you require please email MasTec, we will help find it for you.

We just added cPCI and PXI instruments - Interfacing, Instruments, IO, Chassis, Computers plus GPIB interfacing and cables.

Electrical/Electronic Test Instruments


Laboratory and Science Test Instruments.


0221 (TEST NZ) 8378 69


Build Loggers in Minutes

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National Geographic Teams Tablets and GPS Interest


LabVIEW Development & Code Upgrading- Link

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We have an opening in our business

If you know a multi talented person looking for employment we may have their job waiting.

It is a combo position

Sales Engineering Consultant

LabVIEW Programmer


Hardware Fabricator

All rolled into one position.

MasTec at present has an extensive amount of project work that will last all the way through to the end of 2016.


If you are enthusiastice, capable of the above we would love to hear from you.

Email MasTec

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Product Just Launched October 2015

Product Just Launched October 2015

Frame and Inverter gensets

Very Portable, Very Reliable, Very Efficient


Two Basic Genset Types Frame & Inverter

Frame Models Standard AC Genset 2.2kVA to 9KVA

Inverter Models for sensitive Electronics 1kVA to 7KVA

Framed -- Commercial quality, rugged & durable
8.3 amp/12 volt DC, AC output 2.2 to 9KVA
Reduced noise with large muffler 97dB(A)
Large capacity fuel tanks
Long Runtimes Hours
Compact Dimensions
Low Dry Weights
Famous Honda Efficient Engines
Engine protection with AC/DC circuit breakers & oil alert
Recoil Start
Full Frame for easy transportation

Inverter - Superior performance in small packages
8 amp/12 volt DC, AC Output 1 - 7KVA
Whisper quiet operation
Larger Fuel Tank Capacity
Continuous Operating Hours (on eco throttle) up to 15 hrs
Small Dimensions
Very Lighweight
Famous Honda Efficient Engines
Engine is protected via low oil alert system
Carry Handle for easy transportation
Recoil Start
Ideal for home, leisure & professional electronic devices

Talk to the Honda Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Tiny Transportation Loggers

Auto Zeroing Micromanometers


World Leading Micromanometers since 1983

Metric and Imperilal Measurements


Differential Pressure



Log and Download software

Complete HVAC Kits


Talk to the DPM Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Spectrum Laboratories - offer a wide range of individual services and testing options including

Electrical safety testing
MEPs testing
Solid fuel testing
Calibration for electrical instruments for manufactures and suppliers.

The Calibration Laboratory

Offer of service for the calibration of instruments and equipment by Spectrum Laboratories ltd.

Spectrum Laboratories are an IANZ accredited laboratory who can calibrate electrical measuring equipment, ovens and environmental humidity Chambers using the latest up to date Dew Point Mirror and T12 Thermometer.

Accreditation for operation class
5.35 (b) Hygrometer
5.61 Temperature Measuring Instruments
5.63 Temperature controlled enclosures
5.89 Indicating instruments and recording instruments.
5.91 Frequency Measurement and Time Measurement

This enables Spectrum to calibrate:
(a) Digital Multimeter
(b) DC voltmeters
(c) AC voltmeters
(d) DC ammeters
(e) AC ammeters
(f) Ohmmeters
(g) Temperature Indicator
(h) Temperature Controller
(I) Data Loggers.

Spectrum laboratories has invested in the latest calibration equipment and has this equipment in its possession to calibrate its own in-house instruments.

Spectrum Laboratories offers a high quality service

Spectrum will notify its customer when its equipment is due for recalibration.

Spectrum will offer a pick up same day return service or has a mobile option to calibrate on site.

Spectrum can offer an emergency service for when calibrations are required by its customers at short notice. Spectrum Laboratories have a number of signatories on site giving back up and continuity to its ongoing service.

Spectrum Laboratories also offers unendorsed mechanical calibration services as well.
For a free quotation on any of the above items, please contact Spectrum Laboratories at or phone 09-271-1616

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