Power and Energy Monitoring Solutions

Veris Industries, Located in Portland Oregon, is a market focused, customer service oriented, leading supplier of energy and environmental sensors and control peripherals for Commercial HVAC and Energy Management applications.

The company was founded in 1992 with a single product (the Hawkeye Current Switch) and a vision to become the leading supplier of sensors and peripherals to HVAC controls contractors. To accomplish this task a customer-centric, direct to market business model, and a high performance, results oriented culture were developed. Many years later the business model and culture are as strong as ever, and Veris is now recognized as the leading supplier of energy and environmental sensors to HVAC Control and Energy Management solutions providers.


Air Quality/Gas Monitoring

Current Monitoring


Veris has a complete line of CO and CO2 air quality sensors. Whether your application requires CO detection and control, like in a parking garage or other zone with vehicle traffic, or CO2 sensing, for maximum comfort in high-occupance venues, we have the perfect product for your needs. Save energy costs, and comply with OSHA standards for air quality. CO2 transmitters are perfect for Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) and facilitate compliance with ASHRAE standard 62.1 for air quality.



The Hawkeye line of current sensors is widely acknowledged as the industry standard for proof of flow. Unlike mechanical switches, Hawkeye current sensors are solid state and do not suffer the failures caused by the wear and tear of moving parts. Veris offers a full range of current transducers and switches.



Veris Industries has available a wide range of products for monitoring liquid flow. Our sensor models are available in insertion, tee-style and clamp-on for installation flexibility. These products reflect over 100 years of design experience and include impeller, disk, turbine, electromagnetic and ultrasonic technologies. Many insertion models have hot tap capability to avoid system interruption and make servicing easy.


Leak Detection

Occupancy Sensors / Lighting Control


Veris Industries offers a complete line of sensors for commercial/industrial relative humidity monitoring applications. Our sensors include a factory-calibrated thin film capacitive humidity sensing element, fully replaceable on deluxe models for long-term cost savings. All humidity sensors provide superior accuracy, excellent stability, and are easy to service in the field.



To protect expensive electronics from costly water damage, Veris Industries offers complete leak detection systems. Monitor either a single location or a large area with our highly reliable sensing devices and controller systems.


Veris offers a selection of motion-sensitive lighting control devices for commercial building applications. Keep costs down by preventing wasteful and unnecessary use of energy. With two different mounting styles and an adjustable time delay, these sensors give you control over the lighting of rooms up to either 1000 or 2000 square feet. The installation is simple, and the housing is low-profile. These products carry the Veris guarantee of reliability and quality.

Network Integration

Power Monitoring

Power Metering CTs


Veris Industries offers innovative and cost effective integration products for data logging, protocol conversion, wireless data transmission, and other applications. Save time and money through integration with a building automation or energy management system. We supply devices that are compatible with many networking platforms for your convenience.



Veris Industries leads the way with a complete line of innovative power monitoring solutions. Whether monitoring for chiller optimization, demand response, tenant submetering, or critical power applications Veris has the industry leading solutions.



Power Sources




Control transformers and power supplies make powering your projects easy. Devices are compact and simple to install, with numerous options available to suit any application.



The Veris selection of pressure sensing devices includes products for both wet and dry media, as well as a series of electropneumatic transducers. Our products are known for their accuracy and their simple installation. Many of our devices can be mounted anywhere, giving you flexibility in construction. Designed for ease of use, exceptional installation savings, and job site flexibility, our pressure sensors can help with any application need.


Veris Industries offers a full line of relay products for every application. We offer enclosed, field mount and panel mount models in a variety of sizes to fit every situation. Veris also supplies all the relay accessories you need to complete your project.

Setpoint Devices

Smoke Detection



Our line of humidistats and thermostats will provide accurate climate control in buildings with or without a central BAS controller. These devices communicate with zone system components to ensure maximum interior comfort.



Veris offers a wide range of temperature sensing products for commercial building monitoring applications. Control and maintain a comfortable environment with our thermistor, RTD, and transmitter devices. We offer an array of mounting options for installation flexibility, including duct, wall, ceiling, pendant, and immersion. All devices carry the Veris reputation for accuracy and reliability, as well as an aesthetically pleasing housing, making them ideal for monitoring temperature in any setting.


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