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Smoke Detection

Smoke entering a duct system will be dispersed throughout the entire building. Uniguard duct detectors utilize the photoelectric sensing method and are designed to sense the existence of smoke in the duct. This housing design, along with the detector technology, is capable of detecting unsafe conditions by sampling the air in the duct.

When smoke is detected, the Uniguard’s relays provide a signal which may be used to turn off circulating fans, blowers and any other auxiliary devices connected to the system. This enables the management of hazardous smoke through the space being monitored by the duct detection arrangement.

120V, (2) 1A SPST and (1) 10 DPDT Relays. UL Signaling Listed. Pickup Tube not included.
24V, (2) SPST 1A and (1) 10A DPDT Relays. UL Signaling Listed. Pickup Tube not included.
Condenation Cover for UG-7-A60.

Optional Mounting Bracket for UG-7-A60.

1' Pickup tube for UC-7-A60 Duct Smoke Detectors
(available in 1', 2', 5' and 9')

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