SWIR series TE-Cooling C-mount USB3.0 CMOS Short Wavelength IR Camera

ALPHA1080 Series HDMI+USB Outputs C-mount CMOS Camera

BigEye Series M42 mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

ATR3CCD Series M42+2" USB3.0 TE-Cooling CCD Astronomy Camera


ToupTek has become a world-wide camera vendor in many fields, such as microscopy, astronomy, medical imaging, industrial inspection and so on.

For years, ToupTek dedicated all of their strength to providing the best cameras and services to their customers. By now, ToupTek has the most complete product portfolio, including USB2.0 camera, USB3.0 camera, HDMI camera and WI-FI camera. The cameras could be with or without external trigger, TE-cooling system. The types of sensors could range from the most popular CMOS to the most advanced CCD. Besides the products mentioned above, ToupTek offers OEM and ODM services to their customers, including PCB design, software OEM, system integration and so on.


  • 1SWIR Camera
  • All in 1 Zoom Monocular Microscope
  • Monocular Zoom Objective
  • HDMI Displayer
  • Auto-Focus HDMI Camera
  • Microscope HDMI Camera
  • Microscope USB3.0 CCD Camera
  • Microscope USB2.0 CCD Camera
  • Microscope USB3.0 CMOS Camera
  • Microscope USB2.0 CMOS Camera
  • Microscope WIFI CMOS Camera
  • Microscope WIFI+USB CMOS Camera
  • Industrial USB2.0 CMOS Camera
  • Linear USB2.0 CCD Camera
  • USB Microscope
  • Microscope Camera Adapter
  • Microscope Stand
  • ToupView
  • Astronomy Camera
  • Astronomy Camera Adaptor
  • Spectrometer


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ZM0756H4K8MPA All-in-one Zoom Monocular HDMI Digital Microscope

HDMI Displayer for XCAM Series Camera

ICMOS Series C-mount USB2.0 CMOS Camera

LHCCD Series USB2.0 Linear CCD Camera

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