Robotic Arm Trainer

Calibrating Equipment : Universal Calibrator

Physics Trainers - Solar Energy Trainer

Microprocessor Trainer 43003

Bio Medical Instrumentation Trainer

Digital Electronics Trainers
Module - Binary to Excess-3 code conversion

Tesca Technologies PVT. LTD

Tesca Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is World's Leading ISO Certified Manufacturer & Exporter of Test, Measuring & Technical Education Equipment.

Tesca is an Export House established in December 2009 with their Registered & Corporate Office both set up at Jaipur.

They are doing projects in School Education, Vocational Training, Laboratory, Health Center, Hospital Equipment, Agricultural Modernization, Industrial Modernization, Rural Water Supply as well as Small Scale Enterprises funded by Ministry of Education, World Bank, Asian / African Development Bank as well as GOI LOC.


  • Process Control Trainers
  • Pneumatic Trainers
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Physics Trainers
  • PLC Trainers
  • Hydraulic Trainers
  • Microwave Test Benches
  • Communication Trainers
  • Test & Measurement Instruments
  • Science Lab
    -Biology Lab
    -Chemistry Lab
    -Electricity Lab
    -Energy Lab
    -General Lab
    -Light Lab
    -Mechanics Lab
  • Mechanical Lab
  • Embedded | Microprocessor Trainers
  • Bread Board Trainers
  • Educational Trainers
    Analog Electronics Trainers
    -Antenna, Satellite, GPS, Radar, RF Trainers
    -Biomedical Trainers
    -Consumer Electronics Trainers
    -Digital Electronics Trainers
    -Display Boards Trainers
    -Educational Wall Charts
    -Fiber Optic Trainers
    -Instrumentation Trainers
    -PCB Lab
    -Robotic Trainers
  • Educational Software
  • Whatman Filters
  • Laboratory Plasticware
  • E-Learning LMS / CMS
  • Material Testing Lab
    Asphalt Quality Control Testing
    Cement, Lime Plaster & Mortar Testing
    Concrete Testing
    Discharge Over Notches
    General Laboratory Equipment
    Geotextile Testing
    Hydraulic Lab Testing
    Material Testing
    Rock Testing
    Sand, Aggregate & Fillers Testing
    Soil Testing
  • Hand / Power Tools


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Strain Gauge Trainer

Bread Board Trainers - Digital Lab

Temperature Process Control Trainer

Signal Conditioning Trainer

Gas Leakage Detector Trainer

Fuel Cell Trainer

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