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EtherCAT® Starter Kit

Motion Control Slave Modules

Digital Slave Modules 106-D2xx Series

Taiwan Pulse Motion

Taiwan Pulse Motion (TPM), founded in 2009, is a forward-looking automation solution provider mainly focuses on EtherCAT® and Motionnet® based products. The product range covers Digital I/O , Analog I/O and closed-loop / micro-step drives and custom carrier board.

They provide a wide range of EtherCAT/Motionnet products and also offer time-to-market custom design solutions in a variety of applications and industries.


  • EtherCAT®
    - EtherCAT® I/O Plug-in Module
    - EtherCAT® Motion Plug-in Module - EtherCAT® Start-Kits
    - EtherCAT® Add-on Terminal
  • Motionnet®
    - Board
    - SPC System
    - I/O Slave Modules
    - Motion Slave Modules
  • Nu-Servo®
  • MasterPAC
  • Motion Card
  • DAQ Card
  • Accessories
  • Real-time OS


  • Semiconductor
  • AOI
  • Active Alignment
  • Robotics
  • Laser Engraving
  • Electronics Assembly


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PCI Express Card PCE-M118-GL

SmartPac SPC-6212


Nu-Servo® SVR-M111


EtherCAT® Starter Kit

The 207-K221-KIT is an ultra compact with 2-axis driver integrated controller with two motors start kit. With EtherCAT® control, it will lead to fast ethernet and full-duplex serial interface. The transmission speed is up to 100 Mbps. The digital slave can connect different slaves serially with cable CAT5 UTP/STP ethernet cable. 207-K221-KIT also supports TwinCAT with ESI File, and Object Dictionary (OD) of PDO and SDO.


Max. 100Mbps transfer rate
Close-loop control
2-phase bi-polar current driving system
2-phase motor x 2
Max. output current 1.8A
Resolution: 500~50,000 pulse / revolution
Encoder feedback
DIP switch for address setting

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