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Sensoray Products

Data Acquisition for monitoring and controlling real world applications

Sensoray's data acquisition products are used in scientific and industrial applications worldwide, in applications ranging from controlling cranes at shipping ports to regulating water pressure in waterjet cutters.

Sensoray specialize in the development of devices for industrial applications on Ethernet, PCI-Express, PC/104+, STDbus, and other popular platforms.

Sensoray products are compatible with operating systems ranging from Linux and Windows to QNX and other real-time OSs plus in most cases LabVIEW.

 Video capture for land, sea, air, & space applications

Sensoray specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced video capture and processing cards.

Their video capture products have recorded flights onboard the space shuttle and captured snapshots of the bottommost depths of the oceans.

They also record countless surgeries in operating rooms and stream video from broadcast studios around the world.

Sensoray video products offer HD capture and compression, text and graphics overlay, video over IP internet, low latency, and advanced deinterlacing.

Sensoray video products are available for a variety of platforms including PCI-Express, PCI, USB, Ethernet, and PC/104+.



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