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Electrical Slip Rings

  • H-Through Hole Slip Ring
  • M-Capsule Slip Ring

Signal Slip Rings

  • Industrial Bus Slip Ring
  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ)
  • High Frequency/ Rotary Joint
  • Gigabit (1000M) Ethernet Slip Ring
  • USB2.0 Slip Ring
  • HD-SDI (1080p) Slip Ring
  • Servo Motor Encoder Slip Ring

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Rotary Unions

  • Single Passage
  • 2 Passages
  • 4 Passages
  • 6 Passages
  • 8 Passages
  • 12 Passages
  • 16 Passages
  • 24 Passages
  • Hollow Shaft Rotary Union
  • Single Inlet Multi Oulet

Custom Slip Rings

  • Pancake Slip Ring
  • PCB Slip Ring
  • High Current Slip Ring
  • Dustproof & Waterproof Slip Ring
  • High Speed Slip Ring
  • Separate Slip Ring
  • High Temperature Slip Ring
  • Low Cost Carbon Brush Slip Ring
  • Mercury slip ring(rotary joint)

A Slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power or signals.

Through Hole



High Temperature


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SenRing offers specialized slip rings design and manufacturing services which include manufacturing, assembly and testing of all products in-house. SenRing's experienced engineering staff will design a custom slip rings that will fit into your space envelope, transfer your signal and data, and operate at your rotational speeds. Value-added assembly and integration.

Wind Turbine


USB 2.0

Fibre Optic / Fiber-Electric

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