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Computer Controlled Relays & Digital Inputs

Serial 8 Relay 230 VAC PSU

USB 2 Relay + Isolated DIgital Input VDC PSU

OEM or Plastic Enclosures


AC Voltage Monitor 110.230.415 VAC


Pencom make RS-232 and USB based products with Relays, Isolated Digital Inputs and Programmable Event Timers.


Low cost 1, 2 and 8 channel serial and USB relay cards with heavy duty 10 Amp 250VAC/28VDC SPDT power relays.

RS-232 Models - USBs very similar.

Designed for single board operation or multiple board operation on the same serial port. Up to 16 boards can be connected in a daisy chain configuration, with up to a total of 128 - 10 Amp relays under PC control.

ASCII commands to control relays.

Easy hook up using standard Modular telephone cable, for connecting PC to single board and for multiple board

configurations (9-pin serial to modular cable adapter required available separately).

Any software language that can write to the PC serial port can be used with this relay card NO special drivers needed.

9600 baud


Industrial control applications

Automatic test equipment (ATE)

Process control systems

Power switching applications

Two versions available:

Model: S8-RLY-EXT - Relay card mounted in a plastic enclosure, powered by an external wall transformer (shown at top left).

Model: S8-RLY-INT - Bare board (no enclosure) on board 120VAC 60Hz power transformer - for mounting in the customers enclosure or where multiple wall transformers would be impractical.

Relay testing software available for Windows -- used to verify operation of the relays before writing your own software program. Please note: The relay boards do not ship with software, see below to download the software or order the software on disk.

2-8 Channel Relay card with 10 A relays

1.0 Amp 9VDC output wall transformer.

6.89"L X 4.88"W X 1.5"H gray ABS plastic enclosure

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USB 8 Relay 230 VAC PSU

USB or Serial 2 to 8 Reed Relay DC PSU

USB or Serial 8 Power Relays


 USB or Serial 8 Reed Relay DC PSU

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