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MasTec is the distributor for Oceania for Packet Powers amazing new Power Measurement and Mangement hardware and software products. We recommend these products highly. Packet Power is one of our premier suppliers.

Remote monitoring made easy
Packet Power makes it easier and less expensive for critical facilities managers to get the information needed to lower costs, avoid outages and improve operational effectiveness. Our wireless remote power and environmental sensors come fully configured and are simple to install and manage. Whether used with your existing application or our energy management service, there's no easier way to make your building smarter.

They also allow you to monitor your environment.

Single phase, Three phase, Server Rooms, factories, homes, offices, you name it.

  • Data Center Power
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • General Power Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring Devices

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 BGS16 - Multi-Circuit Monitor

BGP64 - Full Power Branch Circuit Monitor

MP277 - Compact Wireless Power Monitor

Packet Power meets the needs of critical facilities managers worldwide

Put wireless monitoring to work for you

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Data Center Retrofit

Energy Benchmarking

Energy Cost Allocation

Facility Submetering

Generator & Transfer Switch Monitoring

HVAC Energy Optimization

Remote Temperature Monitoring


 OEM Options

AC Power Monitoring
Our compact full­ power monitor measures current, power and energy on single­ and three­-phase circuits of 100 to 600V. The compact meter is powered directly from the circuit it monitors and utilizes a standard Decora/GFCI opening to allow for good radio performance. It supports up to 8 current transformers and a local OLED display.

Current­-Only Monitoring
Our wireless current­-only monitor measures current from up to six CTs. Highly compact, it installs via a standard 1” NPT knock out and has a local LED display.

DC Power Monitoring
Compact wireless monitors measure full power parameters including current (A), power (W) and energy (Wh) per circuit. Monitors utilize integrated current transformers (CTs) or external split core CTs and can perform net metering.


Avoid outages
Balance loads
Busway end feed retrofit
Calculate data center PUE
Cannabis grow facilitymonitoring
Capacity planning
Convert PDUs to smart PDUs
CRAC / CRAH monitoring
Data closet monitoring
Data for CFD modeling
Detect data center hot spots
Device-level operational status
Edge data center monitoring
Energy Star certification tracking
Extend the life of critical systems
Identify stranded power
Identify trends
Input circuit monitoring
Interior / Exterior lighting status
Lab testing
LEED certification tracking
Locate air pressure differential
Manage cabinets not just circuits
Measure solar energy offset
Monitor door open/closed status
Peak load shaving
Power failure alerts
Power on/off status

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