Measuring Amplifier for the Connection of Two Strain Gauge Full Bridges

The specialty of the motrona signal converter DM212 are the dual inputs and outputs. This allows two separate values ??to be measured and compared with one another. In addition, these also enable the detection of two measured values ??and the subsequent mathematical combination (formation of sums, differences, multiplication and division). This makes our measuring amplifier unique.

Technical features of the DM212 (2-channel) strain gauge measuring amplifier are:
- 5 VDC and 10 VDC bridge voltage per sensor connection
- 2 strain gauge inputs, 6-wire connection for measurment
- 1 … 10 mV sensivity

*With the DM211 we offer also a 1-channel version Technical details.

Profinet Display PN350 - Fieldbus Connection for the touchMATRIX® Display Series

Process data are recorded, calculated, evaluated, displayed and passed on via this bus interface.

The Profinet display has inputs for digital and analog measured variables such as encoders, linear scales, level sensors, etc.

This results in communication and connection options between the process level and the field and control level.

A previous logical linkage of the signals and subsequent transmission to the central control unit or edge gateway is also possible. The data can also be transferred to higher levels such as SCADA, MES and ERP via OPC UA.

Signal Distributor of the GV Series - NEW with a Modular Structure and with or without Electrical Isolation

The innovative motrona signal distributors distribute the output signals from incremental encoders and measuring systems easily and cleanly to several end devices and amplify the signals at the same time.

Our proven signal distributors of the GV series have been redesigned by our development team. The innovative highlight: the series has a modular structure and is available with or without electrical isolation.

It consists of four standard devices:
- GV222 (with 2 outputs)
- GV224 (with 4 outputs)
- GV226 (with 6 outputs)
- GV228 (with 8 outputs)

This allows an incremental signal to be distributed to up to eight other devices.
The new GV series is modularly expandable and can pass the input signal on to a large number of downstream devices. The connection of two GV228 enables, for example, the signal distribution to 16 other end devices.

touchMATRIX® IO-Link Indicators - Ready for Industry 4.0

The IO-Link display has two analog inputs and an IO-Link interface. This means that analog values can be shown directly on the device display and passed on to a higher-level control for further processing.

The predestined area of application for the touchMATRIX® AX350 / IO display is its use as a decentralized actuator.

Thus, for example, an alarm lamp is switched on when a limit value is exceeded or not reached.

This IO-Link display opens up completely new possibilities. For example, the devices can be configured and scaled during operation while status information is beeing transmitted.

Technical details.


Safety Speed Monitor for Incremental Encoders / Sensors 


 DZ210: Direction and Standstill Monitor


WR701-Firmware: Winding and Tension Applications


IP251: Signal Converter SSI, Absolute / RS232 >>> Parallel


LW213: Fiber Optic (Send-)Module for RS422 / HTL Signals (3000 m)


Motrona range of products.are about

Control - Motion - Interfacing

Mastec recommends these products after many sites reorting success with complex problems using Motrona.

Motrona is distinguished from competitors because of innovative development in hardware and software, modern production methods, high quality and performance together with the market experience of 40 years serving customers worldwide.

  • Safety Relays
    Safety Speed Monitors
    - Speed Monitors
    - Position Monitors
  • Digital Indicators
    Panel Meters, Indicators
    - Electronic Counters
    - Tachometers, Frequency Meters
    - Combi Indicators
    - Position Indicators
    - Fieldbus Indicators
    - Process Indicators for IO-Link
  • Motion Controller
    - Flying Operation
    - Rotating Cross Cutters
    - Rotary / Eccentric Shears
    - Tubular Bag Packing Machines
    - Winding and Laying
    - Printing and Punching
    - Positioning Control
  • Signal Converters
    with Frequency-Input (HTL, TTL)
    - with Analog-Input (V, mA)
    - with SSI- or Parallel-Input
    - with Start-Stop-Input
    - with Pulse-Input (HTL, TTL)
    - with SinCos-Input (1 Vss)
    - Level Converter (HTL, TTL, RS422)
    - Level Converters, Signal Splitters
    - Frequency Divider / -Multiplier
    - Fiber Optic (HTL, TTL, SSI)
    - Combinations of Converters
  • Accessories
    UZ210: Encoder Simulator/ Frequency Generator
    - UZ210: Data Logger
    - PB251: PROFIBUS serial Gateway
    - BT348: Mini Operator Terminal
    - NT215: 24 VDC / 15 W Universal Power Pack
    - RL203: Relay Circuit Board
    - RL204: Relais Circuit Board (Safety)
    - Mounting Clamps and Brackets
    - Table Housing
    - Connectivity Kit USB / RS232
    - Cables
    - Sub-D-Connector 25-position (female and male)
    - Plexiglass Caps, for front protection of indicators
    - CANopen Interface Module
    - Profinet Interface Modul

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 AX350: touchMATRIX® Process Indicator with two 16 bit Analog Inputs



SA640: Dual Frequency Meter 6 digit with 4 Relays and Analog Output 


 DZ210: Direction and Standstill Monitor


Protective Caps and Plexiglas Bonnets

Product Example - Encoder Converters:-

Three new digital - analog signal converters are now added to our product range. With these new models
speed / frequency / SSI and position information can be converted into high-precision analog values much faster and with greater functionality.

The FU210 and ZU210 are able to read in input signals up to 1 MHz and release them almost free of delay and transform them in scalable analog measured variables (current / voltage). Both signal converters can work with the input formats TTL / RS422, HTL differential, HTL PNP and HTL NPN. While the ZU210 evaluates the input signals as counters or position, the FU210 accepts them as frequency or velocity information.

The converted signals are available with a resolution of 16 bits, or as digital information via Modbus RTU for the further processing.

The IV210 with its SSI interface, which can be resolved up to 32 bits, switches absolute position values in the fractions of a millisecond in a high-precision current or voltage values.

In contrast to the previous models, all devices offer an extended encoder supply with 5 VDC and 24 VDC.
As a result, all commercially available encoders can be operated. In addition, six control inputs and outputs ensure flexible application, all in a very compact housing.

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