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Advanced UPS Software

For many operating systems and networks.

RUPS, RUPS II, RUPS 2000, UPSilon 2000, USBmate, SNMP Agent, RUPS for UNIX and UPSilon for UNIX

Advanced SNMP Adaptors both external and plug in

RAS Remote Area Access Adaptors

With the RAS Manager (Remote Access Server Manager) access your system directly using the phone lines.


Megatec Products

Megatec provides UPS Shutdown & Monitoring Software for many Asian UPS manufacturers

MegaTec incorporated in 1989, in Taipei; to develop a series of UPS monitoring software with the MegaTec RS232 protocol, the standard-of-choice among many UPS makers.

The series is now the well-known software RUPS, RUPS II, RUPS 2000, UPSilon 2000, USBmate, SNMP Agent, RUPS for UNIX and UPSilon for UNIX

This UPS monitoring software has satisfied worldwide, many UPS users , enabling them to protect their computer data free from damage caused by power events.

The NetAgent II, their next-generation product, that has compliance for TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, Telnet, HTTP and SMTP protocols, allows equipment to do data transmission across LAN/WAN networks or direct dial-up via modem for real-time status report at anytime and anywhere to offer you prompt reports and alarm action.

NetAgent II applications, not only work with UPSs but also other apparatus, chemicals, mechanical, electrical, environment measurement etc equipment that connect across networks, to provide real-time easy remote monitoring management.

MegaTec builds equipment that links UPSs, POWER, SECURITY and ENVIRONMENT MEASUREMENT into one networking solution.


UPS Manufacturer list using Megatec software and hardware


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Sensor Monitoring Adaptors

Monitor 8 analoge sensors: temperature, humidity, motion detectors, fire and smoke alarms.

Remote Power Management from network.

Enables UPS management systems to directly control the AC power.


Site cam Monitoring and Management

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