Capacitive Sensor - High-resolution, high-speed, digital capacitive sensors for ultimate precision now in a 2U height enclosure.

Capacitive displacement sensor with adjustable Gain and Zero and setpoint switch output.

The Dupont Award winning LRD2100 was the world’s first clear label sensor.

The Spindle Error Analyzer (SEA) measures and analyzes spindle error motions (dynamic and thermal) in accordance with ANSI/ASME, ISO, and JIS standards.

SpindleCheck Inspector allows you to quickly assess how a given machine will perform before or after a crash.

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Label Sensors

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Precision isn’t just a preference for your application. It’s required to give you an edge on the competition.

For more than 60 years, Lion Precision has set the industry standard for technology, speed, and precision in semiconductor, machine tool, packaging, and beyond. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance in solving your most complex problems. With Lion Precision, you don’t have to.

Why Capacitance?

Capacitance is an ideal sensor for many applications:

Non contact

  • Can Have High Bandwidth
  • Low Power (No Heat) at Sensing Point
  • Flexible Sensor Configuration
  • Not Dependent on Target Material

Production Label Sensors | Packaging System Sensors
Semiconductor Wafer Sensing
Aerospace & Defense
Life Sciences


Precision Engineering
Flatness measurement of the Keck telescope mirror

Machine Tool Research & Commercial Machine Tool Users
Spindle Error Analysis

Hard Disk Drive Manufacturing
Thickness and Disk position

PCB Drilling Technology
Dynamic runout of high-speed drill spindles

Spring Manufacturing
In-line free-length measurement and control

Label Applicators
Label edge detection, slitting, rewinding, tear strips, clear labels


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Eddy Current Sensors - Get highest precision from this sensor with a digital core and push button controls.

Eddy Current Sensors - Miniaturized digital eddy current driver available with 1 or 2 channels

LionEye2 – Photoelectric
Simple, low-cost optical sensor for non-clear labels.

High resolution capacitive sensors for demanding applications.
Precise, High-Speed Measurements

Mass Change Sensor can detect these changes on-line and in real time.

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