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Labo uses 39 years of experience and know-how to provide heating and cooling services and to produce very precise working circulators, water baths and custom design laboratory test baths.

Labo; with high-quality engineering and design strength has executed and successfully completed a wide range of installation, design and mass production projects since its establishment to many domestic and foreign customers.

Labo responds to the needs of consumers on time and completes manner. Labo is always aware that customer satisfaction is at the forefront. The indispensable principle: "Customers deserve properly flawless service both before and after the project."

Labo's precision temperature products, which are manufactured according to European Quality Standards, can be used in many industries such as universities, institutes, chemistry, food, beverage, automotive, calibration, aviation, defense, health, textile, metallurgy and etc.



  • Refrigerated and Heating Circulators
  • Water Baths
  • Special Purpose Devices


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Calibration Baths

Cloud Point and Pour Point Test Baths

Charpy Cooling Baths

Magnetic Circulating Bath

 Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Labo VSC - 100 kinematic viscosity bath is digital and easy to use universal device which provides appropriate measurements to the standards of ASTM D445 and TS 1451 EN ISO 3104.

Measurements can easily be done by watching from the lucid glass surface and semi-automatically. Many U tubes measurement systems like Ubbelohde, micro Ubbelohde, Cannon-Fenske, micro -Ostwald... etc. can be used. Water or silicone oil can be preferred as bath liquid.

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