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Jewell Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of panel meters, avionics components, inertial sensors, a wide range of sensors and precision solenoids.

Jewell Instruments also provides custom solutions for a diverse group of industries, including aerospace, medical, industrial, telecommunications, and many more.

Jewell Instruments’ experienced engineering team works with customers to produce high quality, reliable products that meet or exceed all customer requirements.


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Analog Panel Meters

Many of Jewell's Analog panel meters deliver rugged performance to overcome the unique demands of heavy industry. You have a choice of mechanisms to meet the needs of your measuring environment; taut-band for high shock applications or pivot and Jewel for high vibtration settings. Metal covers and cases add to the "Industrial" look of these products, while sealing them for protection from invasive hazards such as dust and moisture.

Digital Panel Meters


The only panel meter manufacturer that offers a full spectrum of panel meters. of any size, and shape. Surface mount, window mount, bezel mount. With decades of broad-based experience resulting in a superior breadth of product — and the ability to meet custom needs. Jewell Instruments can provide a proven, quick and cost-effective solution to your panel meter needs.

Example Products

Modutec BL Big-Little digital panel meters give all the basic functionality with no unnecessary extras. That translates to simplicity, easy readability, a small footprint and a low cost. The BL series is easy to read and provides a variety of indicators in one compact unit.


3½ Digit 1999 display
½" high digits on high contrast LCD
User Selectable Decimal Points
Choice of ±200mV, ±2V, ±20V, ±200V, ±200uA, ±2mA, ±20mA or ±200mA
inputs as standard
Choice of +5VDC, ±5VDC, 10-24VDC, 115VAC or 230VAC power options
Auto Polarity displayed
13-Pin connection, solder pad connection or terminal block connection
Ram Meter carries the Jewell Instruments / Modutec BL-330302-01 Big-Little Digital Panel Meter - 2 DCV w/5VDC Power & Positive Green Display in addition to a full line of Panel Meters products. For questions about the Jewell Instruments / Modutec BL-330302-01 Big-Little Digital Panel Meter - 2 DCV w/5VDC Power & Positive Green Display and other products, or for custom and large orders call us

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