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PK Products
(Formally JST)

PowerKinetics UPS products are sold through its representatives, electrical distributors, computer distributors, power specialist, consultants and direct sales, which cater to a broad spectrum of application markets, including transportation, datacenter, oil & gas, telecommunication, entertainment and healthcare providers, as well as educational and financial institutions.

MasTec has been marketing, selling and servicing JST/Power Kinetics since 1996 and has thousands of sites in Oceania.

PK manufactures a wide range of innovative and technological advanced UPS and power protection solutions for the computer, telecommunications, industrial, medical, financial and other industries.

PK was one of the first companies to produce True Hot Swap, Redundant, Scaleable UPS systems with the US 9001 and 9003.

This technology has expanded to new models.

The BlackOut Buster is back also. That very famous UPS from the 90's has been upgraded and improved even more.

We stock quite a selection of Power Kinetics.

We also say that the best redundant UPS under 9KVA is still the US9001.

We have sites from before 2000 with these UPSs still running fine.

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Line Interactive UPS - BlackoutBuster Series

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) - Kinetics 800A

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