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Lighting Solutions for ARC lamps

Total Solutions for Power
- Experience, quality and reliability: --- three words to describe the essence of IREM.

Founded in 1947, IREM has developed to the present industrial structure, becoming a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of electromechanical and electronic equipment for the control of the mains power in the following sectors:

  • Powering of discharge lamps for professional applications (rectifiers, igniters and ballast for arc lamps)
  • Protection of electrical equipment against line disturbances (voltage stabilisers, power conditioners, UPS)
  • Energy saving in lighting plants (luminous flux regulators)
  • Generation of green energy (micro hydro-electric power plants)




Products in each Division

Arc Division

High voltage igniters
Power supplies for metal halide lamps
Rectifier power supplies for Xenon lamps
Stabilised power supplies for Xenon and Mercury lamps

Power Supply Division

Automatic voltage regulators
Electronic power conditioners
Isolating transformers
Mains conditioners and filters for hi-end equipment
Uninterruptible Power Systems

Lighting Division

Luminous flux regulators

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