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MasTec has installed dozens of ICSs GPIB Controllers in Australia and New Zealand.

ICS is a leading producer of measurement and control instrumentation products. They specialise in GPIB, Ethernet and Serial devices as OEM both in PCBs or in Boxes.

Before you buy any other products check ICS, their GPIB USB 2 version is hard to beat.

The ICS product range include Serial, GPIB and VXI interfaces married to a large range of analog I/O, digital I/O, relays, analog power supply boards, boxes and controllers and far more, even kits to build your own instruments.

If you are building R&D validation systems, ATE production test, ICS's products will be very helpful.

They make board level and box level products. Board level for embedding in customer test systems and box level for standard rack and stack or desktop systems.

Ethernet GPIB

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We especially recommend ICS's USB > GPIB and the Ethernet > GPIB Converter ( best pricing and performance) as they have great 488 Drivers that is now fully VISA compatible.

Compatibility has been verified with National Instruments VISA and LabView 6/7/8/2010/2011 on Windows 98, Me, Win2K and Win XP Vista and System 7 systems.

This means that the 488-USB and Ethernet GPIB products can run LabView programs on all supported operating systems when used with the latest driver. The updated driver with the VISA compatibility is available for download from ICS's website.

The new 8065 Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller controls the GPIB bus from your PC's Ethernet port, over the company network or over the internet. VXI-11 compatible for operation with Agilent's VEE and National Instruments' LabVIEW. Includes VXI-11 Keyboard Controller program. read more

Also now it has .NET support of Visual Basic and C with Microsoft's Visual Studio development system.


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