Economic Battery Internal Resistance Tester

HT3563 Standard Battery Tester

HT3564 High Voltage Battery Tester 0-1000V

Portable Battery Tester 0.00001V~1000.00V


With the rapid development of portable electronics and hybrid electric vehicles industry, the battery internal resistance testers needs to fit for fast and accuracy sorting and packing batteries in batches. Hope Instrument releases full ranges of internal battery resistance testers available in both professional high precision bench top design and portable with small-size models.

Equipped with rich interfaces, HT3563 series precision battery tester specifically for testing large battery packs and low resistance lithium-ion batteries with high accuracy, resolution and speed.

The HT3563/A-12H/24H multi-channel battery tester can quickly complete the internal resistance and voltage sorting test of the maximum 24-channel battery.

HT3554 Portable Battery Tester providing easy online measurement and maintenance support of UPS batteries faster and accurate testing measuring and saving data and ideally suited for testing all types of lead acid and Ni-Cad batteries.

HT3554A, HT3554B and HT3554D Handheld Battery Tester is the key high-speed testers for accurate battery internal resistance and voltage test in the battery industry today. They are designed to test ultra-wide test voltage range of 10uV to 1000V.

Wide application in battery ATE production sorting, high precision battery pack and high-voltage battery testing like electric vehicle battery, electronic bus battery and energy storage battery packs; Internal resistance/voltage detection for high-precision lithium battery; Evaluation of the deterioration status and life of batteries, including ESR testing of super capacitors (low internal resistance capacitors);Inspection and sorting in all types of batteries, such as lithium batteries, button batteries, alkaline batteries, and lead-acid batteries.

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HT3563A High Voltage Battery Tester 0-300V

HT3554 Portable Battery Tester 0.0001V~60.000V

HT3563-24 Multi-channel Precision BatteryTester

Portable Battery Tester 0.0001V~60.000V

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