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Handywave Products

Handywave has been distributed in NZ by MasTec for many years.

Have a look at the latest HPS-200 Industrial DIN Rail Bluetooth module.

We use their products in house for products we develop that need fast and simple wireless connections.

They are very easy to setup and use.

Products Characteristics

Low cost
Small form factor
License free(2.4GHz ISM band)

Full duplex transparent RS-232 emulation
High data rates(115kbps default, 230/460Kbps optional)
Enhanced security(max 128bit data encryption)
Inherent noise immunity(frequency hopping spread spectrum)
Plug and play(no extra software needed)
Point-to-multipoint capability
User configurable(using AT commands on the PC)
User programmable(using on-line commands)
Low power consumption(fitted with handheld devices)
Service range expandable(using higher gain external antenna)

Standard : Bluetooth v1.1 compatible
Radio Frequency : 2.402 ~ 2.480GHz
Bandwidth : 1Mbps
Output Power : max +20dBm(100mW)
Rx Sensitivity : -84dBm
Frequency Hopping : 1,600times/sec
Baud Rates : 1.2 ~ 115.2Kbps
Coverage : 100 ~ 1,000m(open sight)
Temperature Range : -20 ~ 75 C


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OEM Bluetooth RS-232 TTL

HPS-200 Industrial Radio RS232/422/485


Pair of RS-232 Bluetooth units

  OEM Bluetooth RS-232 TTL

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