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 HMK sells drive systems for Siemens, Parker, Elgo, MKS, Neugart, Atlanta, Zeromax, and their own brand IRT

So a huge range of servo amplifiers for brushless and dc servomotors are available.

All products are manufactured to ISO9001 and are certified to both CE and UL.

HMK can supply the most economical range of DC and Brushless Servodrives, up to 15 kW, for single or multiaxis use, with add-on programmable positioning.

Fully digital, direct off mains devices for the control of 3 phase permanent magnet servomotors equiped with Resolver (or Encoder hiperface) feedback. Available up to 15 kW. Supplied complete with integral EMC filter and braking resistor.


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 Analogue range of Amplifiers suitable for control of DC permanent magnet motors equiped with Tachogenerators. Available up to 2.5 kW.

Fully digital, 220v single or three phase AC devices for the control of 3 phase permanent magnet servomotors equiped with Resolver feedback. Available up to 18 kW.

And of course EMC filters

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