Generex is the able to provide Shutdown & Monitoring Software for almost all UPS manufacturers worldwide.

Makers of Advanced UPS Software

For many operating systems and networks.

UNMS Custom
USW, Snap IN

Makers of Advanced SNMP Adaptors both external and plug in

The CS121 stand-alone series simplifies implementing power resource monitoring and management technology.

Many UPS manufacturers use the CS121SC slot adapter making Generex solutions the most popular UPS management systems worldwide.

Makers of Remote Power Management from netwrok.

Enables UPS management systems to directly control the AC power.


Generex Products

UPS Management
Remote control and monitoring of UPS and other security relevant devices.

Battery Management
Monitoring, measurement and control units for battery systems.

Facility Management
Monitoring and control units for all kinds of sensors and actuators.

Software Solutions
Highly scalable and reliable UPS Management Software.

Smartbatter / iBacs
SMARTBATTERY 12 Volt AGM / VRLA for all Emergency and Telecom applications

Generex is the chosen provider of Shutdown and Monitoring Software for more than 40 UPS manufacturers worldwide. GENEREX has been developing and producing personalized and custom software and hardware solutions for UPS manufacturers for over 14 years.

With the exception of a few manufacturers, GENEREX offers support for most of the UPS systems built today. The vast majority of UPS manufacturers use GENEREX exclusively for the development and maintenance of their UPS software as well as for customer support.

Other numerous software and hardware products in the areas of UPS generators and stationary battery systems as well in the areas of security and technical facilities broaden the GENEREX range of monitoring solutions. These products are distributed through various IT consulting businesses for data center and facility infrastructure design.



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Makers of Site Monitoring and Management

BACS Battery Care & Analysis System and ALF BMS Battery Management System


Software Supported List                 
UPS Manufacturer list

Makers of RAS Remote Area Access Adaptors

With the RAS Manager (Remote Access Server Manager) access your system directly using the phone lines


Makers of Sensor Monitoring Adaptors

Monitor 8 analoge sensors: temperature, humidity, motion detectors, fire and smoke alarms

Makers of Site Monitoring and Management

Site Manager (top) High-end power switching and monitoring device. and Site Monitor (bottom) for 64 digital inputs


Makers of large Displays for UPS Stats Displays
Remote ethernet LED display for UPS-Software, CS121 and RCCMD

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