GPM-8310 Digital Power Meter


DC, 0.1Hz ~ 100kHz voltage/current test bandwidth
Two numerical display modes: General mode: displays 2 main test items + 8 secondary test items ; Simple mode: displays the test values of 4 main test items
Waveform display: V (voltage), I (current), P (power)
The current/voltage can be measured to a deformed wave with CF of 3, and the half-range CF can reach 6 or 6A
50th order of harmonic measurement and analysis (value and bar graph)
Integration function supports automatic level-changing
External current sensor input terminals (EXT1/EXT2)
Standard interfaces: RS-232C, USB device/ host, LAN, GPIB
Optional interface: Digital I/O (DA4) (must be installed before leaving the factory)
Optional accessory: GPM-001

C-3200 is the only LoRaWAN tester in the world that provides the most complete protocol testing functions.

It is a dedicated tester supporting major LoRa communication protocols including LoRaWAN, CLAA, and LinkWAN.

This tester provides Gateway, LBT, RX TRx independent ports. Gateway channel supports the verification of LoRaWAN. LBT (Listen Before Talk) function is one of the verification specifications required by Japan and South Korea. RX TRx channel can conduct functional test on LoRa products. A stand-alone tester can complete the LoRa product specification verification and meet the requirement of the complete test of the LoRaWAN communication protocol.

C-3200 can also complete the LoRaWAN Pre-Certification function via the built-in LCTT (LoRaWAN Certification Test Tool) function. In order to ensure accurate signal positioning and time between LoRa systems, the tester has two built-in GPS calibration functions.

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