Frequency Device Filter Products

MasTec is able to supply at single quantity to full OEM and ODM supply levels for your project.

Frequency Devices offers filters, amplifiers, oscillators and DSP with high-performance, low power, small real-estate components, modules, instruments, and systems that provide this type of signal conditioning for the most demanding applications.

For R&D bench work, having good instruments is essential.

Amplifiers and Filters are part of the instrument set these days. Have a look at Frequency Devices bench instruments

Architectures include VME, VXI, compactPCI and PCI form factors as well as IEEE-488, RS-232, Ethernet and USB I/O’s with MatLab, Labview and LabWindowsCVI compatible GUI interfaces.


Bench Top and Rack Mount Instruments

  • Analog/DSP
    - SPPOSC
  • Modules
    - Electronic Filters
    - Amplifiers
    - Oscillators
  • Sub Assemblies
    - VME
    - Compact-PCI
  • Instruments
    - 900
    - 950
    - 90IP
  • Filter Mount
    - FMA 01
    - FMA 02
    - FMA 03
    - FMA 04



Design Guide
The new, Design Guide from Frequency Devices is intended to help you to understand, identify, and determine the best approach for solving real-world signal conditioning problems.

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 FMA-PS - Filter Mounting Assembly Power Supply

The FMA-PS, Filter Mounting Assembly Power Supply can be used to power multiple filters. It has output of plus and minus 15 VDC at 160 Milliamps. It is a factory assembled 2.5" x 5" printed-circuit board with terminal blocks for AC inputs and DC outputs. The AC input is fused with PTC resettable fuses.

• No more building of breadboards.
• Utilized as a single channel bench-top test set or rack mounted via mounting holes for instrumentation applications.
• Can work with multiple filters.
• Provides quick and easy connection between circuit card and wired electrical circuits.
• All external connections are easily made with a screwdriver, reducing engineering design, set-up, and test time.


 D9X Series of Single Power Supply
Anti-Alaising Lowpass Filters Designed for use with A/D Converters

The D92 Series of small 2-pole fixed-frequency, precision active filters provide high performance linear active filtering in a compact package, with a broad range of corner frequencies and a choice of Butterworth or Bessel transfer functions. These filters are designed to work with up to 16 Bit A/D converters. These fully self-contained units require no external components or adjustments.

Each model comes factory tuned to a user-specified corner frequency between 1 Hz and 400 kHz* and operate with low total harmonic distortion over a wide dynamic input voltage range from non-critical single +5VDC to +18VDC power supply. Each filter has a built in internal +6VDC and -6VDC power supplies to power the filter.

• Low harmonic distortion and wide signal–to–noise ratio to 16 bit resolution.
• Available with Single or Differential inputs.
• Available with DC coupled or AC coupled inputs. (The AC corner frequency is a single pole at 2 Hz.)
• Compact 1.5"L x 2.0"W x 0.4"H minimizes board space requirements.
• Plug–in ready–to–use, reducing engineering design and manufacturing cycle time.
• Factory tuned, no external clocks or adjustments needed.
• Available in Butterworth or Bessel transfer functions to meet a wide range of applications.
• Requires a single +5V to +18V power supply to operate (The module generates ± 6 VDC internally to operate the filter).
• One to one offset input that works with your A/Ds reference output to set the output of the filter in the center of your A/Ds input range.
• Available with built in gains from 0 dB to 60 dB.

* Bessel 1 Hz to 200 kHz


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