EMX Products

Innovative Sensors and Controls

EMX is a highly respected name in the access control industry. They design and manufacture sensors and accessories for a variety of sensor applications such as gate, overhead door, and parking barrier operators. Their sensors are used to detect the presence and motion of vehicles as well as people. EMX is an active participant in the DASMA Committee on UL 325.
Additionally, EMX is one of the world's leading innovators of specialty sensors in the factory and process automation markets. EMX designs robust automation sensors that lead the industry in quality, flexibility, operability, and ROI. Their sensors are used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries including:
• Automotive
• Packaging
• Labeling
• Metal stamping
• Paper and wood processing
• Plastics
• Electronics
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Access Controls
Photoeye Sensors
Vehicle Detectors
Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detectors
Vehicle Motion Detectors

Wireless Edge Links
Keypads/Card Readers
Drive Thru Vehicle Sensors
Automatic Door Sensors
Radio Controls

Automation Sensors
Colour Sensors
Luminescence Sensors
Opacity Sensors
Contrast Sensors
Light Measurement Sensors
Color Mark Sensors
Brightness Sensors
Phosphorescence Sensors
Label Sensors
Tin-Side Sensors

EMX is ISO 9001 certified.

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