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DSE Laser Products

DSE is about Non Contact Measurement…and is a world authority

DSE market high quality Non Contact Measurement systems that use laser and CCD technology.

DSE's specialty is measurement of distance, thickness, width, difference, level, height and shape. Performed on almost all kind of surface such as asphalt, cardboard, fibre, foam, food, glass, granulate, liquid, metal, paper, plastic, powder, rubber, steel, stone and wood.

The range of ODS Sensors, covering low, medium and long range measurement, including the two-dimensional O2DS scanner, have over the years created effective solutions for all kind of applications - as well as tailored solutions for specific demands.


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By combining more than 18 years of experience in the field of non contact measurement with optical triangulation, unique electronics and skilled use of technology, we have developed a competitive range of sensors to conduct all kind of non contact measurements with the highest precision.

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