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MasTec is the offical Supplier for DPM in NZ.

About DPM - A long History - The best of Type

The very first Micromanometer sold was on 11th October 1982, model MP5KD.

A year later a new model the MP3KDS instrument not only measured pressure but also measured velocity in m/sec with the aid of a pilotstatic tube which was a real bonus to the HVAC industry.

In 1987 the auto zero micromanometer appeared on the market, which meant that the instrument will zero even when pressure was applied to the instrument and it was a runaway success.

DP Measurement was set up in August 1991and the AP Series of Micromanometers was launched in late 1991.

The current TT Series, was launched in 1996.

The primary object of this particular model is:

Simple to use
Can be used as a wall mounted or pressure transmitter
Can be orientated at any angle and not alter the calibration of the instrument
Accurate readings at low pressures, high pressures and velocities
Over the course of time this particular model has now proved various markets not only in the United Kingdom but also in Europe and globally.

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Pitot Tube Airflow with Manometer




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