The MiView USB Microscope is an exciting new device that it is an amazing and easy to use handheld color digital microscope with USB interface.

It has these functions: measurement, conservation, copy, transfer image and video which are difficult for a traditional microscope. It is a small, easy to operate and portable fun

HiView Wireless Microscope is an innovative handheld color digital microscope with 2.4GHz wireless. - No USB Cable to get in the way
(Similar to MiView but wireless)


CosView Products

A key actor in the field of scientific instrumentation, specializing in the microscopes and the industrial cameras area.


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Otoscope and Dentiscope (1)

Otoscope and Dentiscope

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Portable iScope

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iView USB DCam

was designed for special industry application tool

It is a high speed, high definition and true color CMOS camera.

It does NOT require any additional image acquisition equipment to capture AVI video and picture.

Fully compatible windows OS,USB2.0 high speed to 480Mb,applicable to a variety of computer image acquisition applications.


Varied applications:

Static image acquisition:
•Character recognition
•Medical Image Acquisition
•Paper and E-document making
•Entertainment Imaging
•Beauty contrast imaging
•Antique contrast image


Dynamic Image Acquisition:

•Animal and plant anatomy
•PCBA and Components inspection
•Textile quality control
•Medical analysis
•Skin, hair testing
•Teaching tool
•Print quality check
•Maintenance visual aid
•Reading aid
•Student pilot study
•Factory automation

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