Conel is known for extensive product breadth in this sector, with strong product offerings for LTE, 3G, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS / HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, CDMA protocols in its current line of modems and routers.

Conel’s rapid growth rate in Europe also has been tied to a customer-centric strategy of providing strong local support and a Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) technology that, unlike competitive systems, allows its products to receive automatic wireless firmware updates without requiring an on-site technician visit.

Conel’s products are designed with an emphasis on “plug-and-play” user convenience and simplicity, with a built-in SIM recognition driver in the router that recognizes the unit and configures the internal cellular modem automatically, making integration simpler for customers.

Conel Products

Conel Modular Routers

Conel modular routers can be configured for any conceivable cellular data networking application. The Conel Bivias v2 router, for example, contains two completely independent communication modules, allowing it to make use of the infrastructure of two cellular service providers at the same time. The user, of course, defines which module will serve as the main connection and which will serve as the backup. Like the Spectre series, Conel routers provide a full range of connectivity options, connecting both LANs and individual devices using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Modbus, RS-232/422/485 and IoT protocols.
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Radio and data modems
Mostly for industrial use and mobile applications. Available interfaces Ethernet 10/100, RS232, RS485, MBUS and (I/O). Large and local networks.

IP communication
For connection of technological units using interface Ethernet, RS232, RS485 via LAN/WAN. Expansion of ports for modems.

Software development and updates for our products. Option to create user software versions based on specific requirements. Special communication applications.

I/O and accessories
Expansion modules and converters for our modems and routers. Accessories - power sources, antennas, distribution boxes, cables, etc. Applications, references, case studies

Today, Conel products are widely used, so we can find them almost everyone. Please review the most popular applications divided according to fields:

System integration

Conel team advice you on wireless data transfer among your devices to fill your communication requirements and needs. It does not matter if you transfer data from controlling systems (PLC), data terminals, measuring devices, ATM, transaction systems, vending machines, SCADA systems, servers and cameras or other possible stations and equipment. We always try to find optimal solution for you using our wireless communication products.

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