BS-2027 Series Biological Microscopes come with elaborate appearance and reliable quality, beautiful and practical.
These microscopes adopt LED illumination and ergonomics design, comfortable for observation.
The frame is lightweight but stable, easy to carry. BS-2027 series microscopes are compact and solid, innovative frame High rigid but small, specially designed for students. The easy operation and clear image inspire students' imagination and interesting of microscopy world, which is helpful to explore the mystery of life science. New generation of scientists are born from here!
These microscopes are widely used in educational, academic, agricultural and study field. Rechargeable battery compartment is optional for outdoors operation or places that power supply is not stable.

1. Comfortable operation with ergonomic design, easy to handle by students.
2. Rechargeable LED illumination system is optional, the microscopes can work when there is no power supply.
3. External power supply, safe and easy to maintain.
4. Compact and flexible, ideally suited for desktop, laboratory worktable.

100X Water Objective Launched-----A Technical Revolution for Microscope




 NIS60 100X Water Objective for Nikon Microscope

 NIS45 100X Water Objective for Nikon Microscope

 NIS45-Plan100X Water Objective for Olympus Microscope

   Advantages for Water Objective:

1. Extending the working life of 100x objective lens!
2. No need to clean it after each use
3. Reducing the workload of staff.

Want Convenience? Want to reduce work load? Want to Extending working life? Always forget to clean?
Choose Water Objective!!!!

BS-2043T Trinocular Biological Microscope

BS-2026BD1 Binocular Biological Microscope

BS-3060MH4A Dual Head Zoom Stereo
Teaching Microscope

BLC-250A LCD Digital Camera

Jelly6-MU3HS2000M/C USB3.1 Ultra High-Speed Industrial Camera

Best Scope

BestScope is a leading optical manufacturer in China with more than 20 years’ experience in Microscopes and Industrial Cameras area.

The BestScope® Microscope and Catchbest® Industrial Camera have become the well-known brand all around the world, business covers more than 90 countries and areas. Running by a strong R&D Team of more than 50 members to develop innovative and customized products.

Their aim is to provide customers cost-effective products with high quality!

BestScope is becoming a famous international brand of “Microscopes & Industrial Cameras” in the world! BestScope would like to develop together with you!


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  • Environmental Science
  • Material Science


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Jelly3-MU3C500M/C USB3.0 Industrial Cameras

Gauss3-U3C130M/C USB3.0 Industrial Cameras

BUC1D-830C C-mount USB2.0 CMOS Camera

Scanpro-005 Digital Pathological Slide scanner

MDE2-310C USB2.0 CMOS Eyepiece Camera

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