eWorx Ethernet Switches: eWorx EKI

Smart, Sophisticated Capabilities for the Top Tiers of Your Network
Auto-synchronize both firmware and configuration settings for easy deployment of larger scale switch deployments
Easily visualized, exceptional network management with WebAccess/NMS – supports switches from multiple brands in a single solution
Smart PoE/PoE+


SmartSwarm 342 Asset Integration Gateway

Seamless data integration from systems, devices and sensors into the Industrial Internet of Things.
Configurable user business logic data processing and display engine
Integrates sensor data from Wzzard, WISE, ADAM and other devices
Secure communications to Enterprise platforms for local dashboards, emergency response, supply chain management and operations optimization



The most adaptive LTE routers for any industrial-grade application
Available with just about any physical interface you need
Built to run virtually any custom software compatible with Linux
50+ ready-made apps to enhance functionality and eliminate the need for extra equipment like converters

SmartSwarm 351 IIoT gateway

SmartStart LTE Cellular Router




B+B Smartworx
formally (B&B Electronics Products)
A Premier Supplier

Founded in 1981, B+B SmartWorx, formerly B&B Electronics, provides intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks. The company designs and builds device connectivity and network infrastructure products that deliver intelligent connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments.

The emerging Industrial Internet of Things has transformed data networking, and B&B has responded to both the need — and the opportunity — to transform as a company. A critical part of that transformation was the development of B&B’s advanced IoT technologies. These “intelligence at the network edge” platforms led the company to a new position in the Internet of Things industry and drove the decision in 2015 to change its name to B+B SmartWorx.

Product Types

IOT and Network Edge Platforms
• Modbus Integration Gateway
• Wireless Sensing Solutions
• Smartworx Hub
• Ethernet Serial Servers

Cellular and Intelligent Gateways
• Routers and Gateways
• Intelligence Inside
• Device Management Software

Device Connectivity
• Serial Conversion
• Isolators and Surge Suppresion
• Industrial USB

Network Infrastructure
• Ethernet Switches and Extenders
• Management Software
• Wired Ethernet Routers
• Fiber Media Conversion

Embedded Automation Computers
• Industrial Computers

Industrial Wireless
• Airborne M2M
• Zlinx RF Modems and I/C

• Streamer InTelematix

Providing solutions for:
• Industrial Automation
• Energy & Natural Resources
• Transportation
• Enterprise IT
• Transaction Management•
• Security
• Product Modification Service
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Standalone Media Converter


RS-422/485 Repeater



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