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World leaders in Electro Hydraulic Products

Linking Computers, PLCs, PACs, embedded and Industrial Computers to Hydrsaulic systems

Axiomatic is the source for a full range of rugged, high performance control and power conversion products.

From off-the-shelf automation and power electronic components to application-specific machine controls, Axiomatic solutions offer innovation and reliability for machine designers all over the world.

Axiomatic's broad range of standard control products can be optimized for customer applications.

If you are into fluid drive and electronic control, motor control, proportional valve, positioning systems, CANBus systems, speciality interfacing modules and DC to DC converters systems for use in rugged environments like marine, forestry, mining, earth moving and excavators etc then ask us about Axiomatic.

MasTec has been distributing Axiomatic and sister companies since 2003.

Solutions Most products are direct solutions

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Products Include

Analog I/O, Distributed Controls
Battery Chargers
CAN bus Controls, Software
DC/DC Converters, Power Supplies
Displays, Operator Interfaces
Engine Management Controls, Temperature Monitoring
Fan Drive Controls
Hydraulic Valve Drivers, Electronic Controllers
LVDT/RVDT Simulators
Machine Controls, Control Systems
Motor Drives, Motor Controllers
Protocol Converters
Sensors, Inclinometers, Level Sensors
Signal Converters, Signal Conditioners
Solar Chargers, Solar Pump Control, Solar Tracker Controllers, Monitors
Surge Protectors, Arrestors

We also have access to Axiomatic Alliance Companies.

Mobile Electronics Solutions a huge range of Electro Hydraulic products plus power systems, valves, solenoids, Canbus systems, operator displays, proportional control analog amplifiers using PWM and or analog feedback etc. To huge to list.

HydraForce of the UK and USA --- for Solenoid & Proportional Valves, Electronic Vehicle and Valve Controls, Sandwich, Pressure, Directional and Flow Valves and more.

AdvancedSurgeSuppressor --- for Instrumentation surge suppressor systems for both current and voltage loop systems and also AC and DC surge protectors

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