Remote Power Controller via web browser of PC / Smartphone ( Windows , Android & iOS )

WIFI 802.11N-B/G (WEP /WPA / WPA 2) & WPS , HTTPS / SSL , Current meter of each port

USB Camera Monitoring , Android APP , QR code easy login for iPhone / Android phone

Chart for accumulated WATT each port consumed , Line chart of consumed current

IR Remote Control , Auto Ping , Schedular & Temperature detection (internal)



Aviosys Products and Solutions

Aviosys International Inc, founded in 1998 , is one of the leader in several technologies

IP Power Series
USB Power Series
IP Kamera Series
IP Video Series
DV and DVR Series

These products are very innovative and in many cases - a first of type.

Reboot your IT systems or other devices from anywhere in the world.

Watch any location from anywhere in the world, controlling cameras.

Aviosys OEM products allow building in Digital Video easily into your products also

MasTec has been distributing Aviosys since 2002 and has many IT sites using the IP and USB remote control web products.

Aviosys Solutions

Most of the products are direct solutions ready to go.

Talk to a MasTec Sales Engineer


Aviosys Solutions & Usages

Server Based Management.

Power Management Product
Remote Power Controller
Schedule based Controller
Remote System Integration
Remote Kiosk Integration
Remote Digital Signage Power Controller
Remote Power Saving device
Remote Home Computer Controller
Remote Server Room Power Controller
Remote Lighting Controller
Power Distribution Unit
Device Revival Unit (Restarts Devices Automatically with Watchdog Function)
Power Saving device
Timer Controller (Scheduler Functionality)
Emergency Power Shut Off

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