Asian Electron Products

Asian Electron has been building Power products since 1980 and is well established as a premier player in the market place.

Their range of Green Inverters (load sensing) are especially good for remote solar sites.

They will also sleep if the load drops down below 10VA, saving significant amounts of energy when driving devices like refrigeration or freezers.

MasTec has been distributing for Asian Electron since 2004 and stock almost their entire range.

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PST Series Run AC until Failure then shift to DC Inverter Power Rapidly.
700 - 5000watts

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DC-AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter - PSW series - from 200W up to 5000W

DC-AC High DC Voltage Sine Wave Inverter - Extended PSW series - from 2000W up to 2500W

DC-AC 19"Rack Mount - Telecom Inverter - from 1KVA to 5KVA (1U or 2U)



DC-AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter - S series - from 150W to 5000W

Inverter with built-in battery charger - IC series - from 500W to 1500W

AC-DC Battery Charger - C series - from 8A to 50A

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