AC Power Voltages Surge Protection


DC Instrumention Surge Protection ProductsSolutions

All these products are solutions to specific noise, spikes, surges.

Advanced Surge Supressors from Axiomatic .

1/ Surge Protection for AC Power

18, 24, 48, 110 and 230 VAC AC lines

2/ Surge Range for instrumentation circuits includes

  • Loop Surge Protection
  • Current Loop Power supplies,
  • Unipolar and bipolar.
  • 4-20mA,
  • All DC Rails
  • 13.8, 24, 32, 48, 110, 125VDC
  • Voltage Loop Surge protection
  • 15-200 VDC Current Loop Power Buses

Advanced Design : DIN Rail mounted with advanced circuits.

Uses > In Vehicle, Automation and Control Factories, Building Systems, Instrumentation systems etc

MasTec has been distributing Axiomatic for many years. Theses products are truly adaptable and usable in many industries.

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More Industrial Mobile Products

A transient surge protector is a device which is typically used to protect electronic equipment from damage or destruction caused by transient voltages and surge currents.

These destructive transients most often attack equipment through power input lines, signal input and output lines, data lines, and any other wire coming into or going out of a chassis containing electronics.

We also supply from Axiomatic Alliances:

Mobile Electronics Solutions a huge range of Electro Hydraulic products plus power systems, valves, solenoids, Canbus systems, operator displays, proportional control analog amplifiers using PWM and or analog feedback etc. To huge to list.

HydraForce of the UK and USA --- for Solenoid & Proportional Valves, Electronic Vehicle and Valve Controls, Sandwich, Pressure, Directional and Flow Valves and more.

Product Types    Usages    Devices
 4-20mA loop Protectors    Protection for remote transducers and their associated data acquisition system    PLCs - DAQ - PAC - DCS
Field Instrumentation
 0-10VDC instrumentation Protectors    Solenoid Valves    PLCs - DAQ - PAC - DCS
Field Instrumentation
 AC 230VAC Protectors    All 110-230 VAC Systems    Power reticulation - beside breakers
 DC 24 VDC Power Systems Protectors    24VDC Systems    At the Loop power Supply and around the power loop.

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