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Another DAQ company ... but with a difference


Extensive Range of Data Acquisition (DAQ) Products and Solutions

These products include analog input, analog output, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions.

MasTec has distributed ACCESIO Inc for several years now.

This is not traditional DAQ or Comms company that is why we distribute their products. This company covers many areas that most DAQ companies do not go to.

ACCESIO do make Traditional Products, even Legacy Products but they are right on the edges of all new technologies in this DAQ and Comms arena and have an extensive product range with many Bus Types.

Their focus is DAQ (ADC, DAC, DIO, Counters) and Comms (RS-232, 422, 485, Ethernet, Wireless) on many bus types.

+ DAQ and Comms for embedding or uses in rugged industrial or even military grade systems.

With an Extensive Termination, Conditioning options

 Do you need industrial or military grade USB hubs, locking power cables, locking USB Cables, operate over extended temperature, isolation etc?

Do you want the smallest form factor (also lowest weight) comms or digital IO, use mPCI-e?

Do you need local high channel count USB DAQ (ADC, DAC, DIO, Counter) in a closed metal chassis box for rugged builds?

Do you need Remote high channel count RS-485 DAQ (ADC, DAC, DIO, Counters) in an Industrial grade Chassis?

If you answered yes to any of these questions -
ACCESIO is the company for you!

All of ACCESIO remote products share many features, including an integral microcontroller software programmable baud-rate, software-upgradeable firmware, EEPROM for configuration storage, optically-isolated RS485 serial operation at up to 28.8K baud, (non-isolated option at 57.6K baud) and availability in NEMA 4 sealed enclosures.

Are you in a very, very noisy electrical envirnoment and still need DAQ? Use the Wireless DAQ systems from this company.

Their product range is very broad, so please ask for help in selecting the correct unit if you get overwhelmed.

They are highly reliable products, most industrial grade, many Military grade.

Below are some of their extensive product lines:

ADC - Analog input
DAC - Analog output
Digital IO
Digital IO - High Current
Serial communication - RS-232, 422, 485
Isolated I/O boards
Signal Conditioning
SSRs and Contact Relays
Wireless DAQ and IO Systems
USB Expansion Ports
USB Isolated Comms
Distributed IO
Enclosures & Termination & Prototyping
Ethernet IO
ETX Embedded Systems
Legacy ISA DAQ and Digitsl IO and Comms
Legacy PC Card and PCMCIA IO
Watchdog Systems

Plus Technology types, bus types and form factors

ETX Nano 104 Embedded
Distributed and wireless I/O,
Computer-on-module (COM) form factors

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Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition Software



 DAQ Factory

 DAQ Factory

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ACCESIO Software Products


ACCES has VIs for LabVIEW 5 through 7, and 8.5, for most of our products, and USB boards have VIs demonstrating use in LabVIEW 8.5 through 2013. You can find the drivers for LabVIEW 5 through 7 in the /Drivers/LabVIEW directory on the Software Master CD. The LabVIEW 8.5+ drivers are available in the /Drivers/LabVIEW 8.5+ directory on the CD,


I/O and IRQ Drivers for Linux
ACCES provides Linux drivers on our Software Master CD for both Register-Level I/O (PCI, PC/104, etc), and USB, along with everything needed for Serial Communication devices.

ACCES and Azeotech are partnering to offer off the shelf data acquisition, which is customizable! It’s the best of both worlds. Need to log your data to disk? It can do that. Need a real time display? It can do that too. Need it to brush your teeth? Okay, well, it can’t do that, but get serious!
Powerful, easy to use, and innovative, the DAQFactory suite provides all the tools needed to acquire data from your process, log it, share it on a network, display it on the screen, graph it, analyze it, and automate your project. All of this can be done quickly without programming, letting you concentrate on your keeping your processes running. The perfect HMI / SCADA package!

DAQFactory provides:

Flexible data acquisition.
Continuous or conditional data logging.
Automation. Let your computer do the work for you.
Transparent network connectivity and a built-in web server. Share your data and control your process across the room or around the world.
Unlimited user-designable screens you can create on the fly while taking data. No wiring!
Powerful data visualization. Create publish-quality graphs.
Extensive data analysis features built in. No need for a separate package.

Standard Text Languages

MS OSs from Win98 to Win 10 support.

Samples demonstrating how to use the card with:
Borland C/C++ 3.1 for DOS
C++ Builder, Delphi, VisualBasic 5/6, and Visual C++ 5/6 for Windows
for some cards, gcc and g++ under Linux using <sys/io.h>



 Linux Support



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