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ADLINK has been in machine vision markets for years,
and is well known for vision product capability.

Well known for compatibility with other brands’
DAQ modules/digitizers


 A wide range of CPU modules (COM express/SMARC modules/PC-104), embedded motherboard (Mini ITX/ATX form factors), touch panels (smart panel without/with frame), IP69K-rated touch panel for food/beverage/diary factories, embedded PC systems (Matrix coming in 10th Core i processor with/without expansion slots).

A wide range of Nvidia-based Edge AI system with POE LAN ports as transportation NVR or facial recognition systems.

World Leader Edge Computing IIOT

Advanced Product Line

Simplify Edge AI Deployment

Performing AI workloads at the edge alleviates cost, security, and latency concerns associated with transferring data to the cloud for processing. However, determining IT infrastructure for edge AI applications can be a costly, time-consuming and laborious experimental process. It is unsurprising that implementation is the most-cited challenge by early AI adopters, according to Deloitte State of AI in the Enterprise, 2nd Edition.

To relieve the burden on system developers, OEMs, and systems integrators, ADLINK is offering comprehensive solutions including hardware, software and consultancy services. Download the solution brief to learn how to maximize the innovation and productivity gains from AI with ease.

Key Takeaways
• Key considerations for edge AI deployment
• 3 steps to optimize edge AI deployment
• 3 benefits of optimized edge AI deployment
• Optimize edge AI from day 1

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ADLINK Technologies

MasTec has been selling ADLINK since 1995 and we highly recommend Adlink as one of our Premier Suppliers.

Ask our staff to help you sort out the best product for your needs.

ADLINK has made the transformation from Embedded to Edge Computing, and now they’re focused on enabling the benefits of Edge AI.

ADLINK Technology with its Vortex Data River™ data streaming capability included in their Edge IoT solution Vortex Edge® help your factory get data where it needs to go.

They are right on the Edge of this data revolution with some very impressive award winning technology, both concept, actual hardware and software.

They are also manufacturers of the hardware > Edge Computing, Open Architecture Computing, embedded computing products and services to the test & measurement, automation & process control, gaming, communications, medical, network security, and transportation industries.

ADLINK products include Open and Edge Computing, PCI Express-based data acquisition and I/O; smart cameras + vision computers and motion control; and AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, Computer-on-modules (COMs) for industrial computing.

ADLINK also provides a wide range of rugged by design Extreme Rugged™ and Rugged product lines including single board computers, COMs and Systems.

Adlink continues to release some impressive products:
i7 Advanced Blade Processors (Gen4)

Smart Panels embedded Internet ready, touch panel and computer - for rapid system building.

Smart Devices - Android and CE Handheld computers with IP65 rating, barcode 2D laser, RFID Touch and Keys

Finding Solutions in:

Industrial Automation
Medical & Healthcare
Defence & Aviation
Test & Measurement

Success Cases success case with ADLINK AI and GPU platforms:

AI-enable smart railway embedded system for safety with ADLINK EVA-5500 Railway system graphic MXM module

AI-enable embedded system to inspect the runway for the airplane with ADLINK EVA-5500 with graphic MXM module

Smart check-out system for restaurant by recognizing the food with ADLINK DLAP-210-TX (NVIDIA Jetson-TX2)

Facial recognition with ALDINK fanless embedded system with graphic MXM module for machine learning application

ADLINK Smart Panel with Success Case


GPU & Edge AI
GPU Solution
- AI Vision
- AI-enabled Video Analytics Platform
- Deep Learning Accelerators
- Deep Learning Inference Platforms
- Embedded MXM Modules
- GPU Servers
- PCI Express Graphics Cards

AdvancedTCA Switch Blade
- AdvancedTCA Platform
- AdvancedTCA Processor Blade

CompactPCI, PC/104, VPX SBCs
- PC/104 SBCs
- VPX, OpenVPX Rugged Platforms

- COM Express
- Qseven

Data Acquisition, GPIB, PXI/PXIe
Machine Condition Monitoring
- Data Acquisition (DAQ)
- Digitizers

Industrial Motherboards & SBCs
Mini-ITX Motherboards
- ATX Motherboards
- Embedded Boards
- PICMG Single Board Computers
- Passive Backplanes
- Industrial Computer Peripherals
- Industrial Computer Chassis

Industrial PCs, Fanless PC
- Expandable Fanless Embedded PCs
- Integrated Fanless Embedded PCs
- IPC Systems
- IoT Gateway

Infotainment Platforms & Boards

Medically Certified Products
- Medical Panel PCs
- Medical Monitor
- Medical Tablet

Motion, Machine Vision, Fieldbus
- EtherCAT/EtherNET Solution
- Industrial Fieldbus
- Machine Vision
- Motion Control
- Smart Camera

Network Appliances & Edge Servers
- MEC Servers
- Network Security Appliance
- Video Processing Servers

 Panel PCs & HMIs
- IP69K Panel PC
- Smart Panel
- Smart Touch Computers

ROS2 Solutions
- ROS2 Solutions
- ADLINK ROS2 Github

Rugged SFF Platforms & Servers
- Extreme Outdoor Servers
- Rugged SFF Platforms
- Rugged Railway Systems

- Machine Vision AI
- Smart Solutions
- Getting Started
- Zenoh

Embedded Flash Storage

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