Product Announcements, Updates and Webinars - October 2021
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Four-Channel X-E Oscilloscopes Firmware Enhancement Video

Firmware Updates

SDS2000X Plus Series Firmware Update

SDS1xx4X-E Firmware Update

SPS5000X Series Firmware Update

SSA3000X Series Firmware Update


See the INSIGHT Webinar Series’ Inductive Automation Keynote

Ignition 8.1.10: Perspective Pipelines and Updates, OPC UA Redundancy, and More

Podcast: Manufacturing Trends: As-a-Service, Edge, MQTT, OPC UA & More

How to Select the Right HMI Solution for Your groov Device

Indigo510 – the streamlined option with one-probe support

Qualifying the new Generation of Caccine Thermal Shipping Containers

How to connect vaporized hydrogen peroxide probes to a control system using analog

Which MTX modem is ideal for your Industrial IoT solution?

Product Change Notice

PCN #210924-01 Digi TX64 5G New Product Introduction

PCN #210924-02 Digi TX64 5G Rail New Product Introduction

Mobile Computing: RTC-710RK: Rugged Performance Built for Any Job

PICO-EHL4: The Flexible Solution for Edge Applications

Industrial Edge Platform Driving Industrial and In-Vehicle Edge Solutions with AAEON VPC-5620S

Unlocking More Powerful and Efficient Computing Solutions with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ U

MIX-TLUD1: Powering Intelligent Embedded Applications with 11th Generation Intel® Core™

ODM/OEM Services for Body Control Module with IATF-16949 Certification

Universal Panel Computer for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)/Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Food and beverage packaging industry to enhance process efficiency through Sysgration Universal Panel Computer

Cedar CT8X2 Rugged Tablet: Unboxing and Overview | Field Ready

Data Collection in harsh environments

6 of the best accessories professionals are using in the field with their rugged tablet

3 reasons why businesses partner with Juniper Systems

Individual control solutions for machines & applications


Case Study: Smart Passenger Information Systems Keep Travelers Updated


Recoup costs with IT8000 Series Regenerative DC Electronic Load

"Due to the disproportionate increase in material procurement costs at the beginning of this year, we were forced to add a material surcharge to our sales prices. When it was introduced in April, we already announced that we would lower these surcharges again as soon as the purchase prices gave us the necessary scope.

Both the material as well as the price situation are still difficult. By purchasing larger quantities directly from the OEM, it is still possible for us to keep our promise: On October 1st, 2021 we will reduce the material surcharge by two percentage points to 6 %."


New SATURN Rugged SBC with E3940 CPU and Data Acquisition

Watch: Opto 22 and the internet of Things

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