Product Announcements, Updates and Webinars - June 2021
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Digi ConnectCore® 8M Nano system-on-module (SOM) modules

Digi Green Tech Showcase

Product Quality Advisory-IX20 SIM insertion - PCN 210526-01

FPC-8100 Robust Box PC with Intel® 10th Generation Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 Processor

FPC-8101/8102/8103 Robust Box PC with Intel® 10th Generation Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 Processor

BestScope new motorized automatic microscope

Smart City Solutions_MTX-DigitalECO System for Waste Management

New gateways for solar plants: WebdynSun and WebdynSunPM


Recently, MaxBotix Inc. has seen ever-increasing costs for components due to supply chain issues as a result of Covid-19. This has affected the cost of obtaining the parts necessary to build our ultrasonic sensors.

This is a notice that there will be an increase of 10% on all orders to take effect on May 7th, 2021 until component pricing comes back in line with prior levels.

The increase helps us ensure our commitment to providing the very best products and services for our customers while maintaining our use of high quality components that have met our 200,000+ MTBF standards.

Orders received before May 7th will receive current pricing.

Need Help Getting Started with Digital Transformation?

Are you thinking about digital transformation, Industry 4.0 or IIoT and looking for someone to help get you there? Talk to David Schultz of G5 Consulting and Engineering Services.

In our latest OptoPartner video, David points out that digital transformation is a strategy, not a project. The first step is to understand what digital transformation is for each client, then help guide them along that path.

The video includes a very clear explanation of the concept of a “unified namespace”, and how that might be more appropriate when executing IIoT strategies over the traditional Purdue model. Take a few minutes and begin your “4.0 journey” here...


Ignition 8.1.6: Perspective Updates, Scheduling Scripting Events & OPC UA Diagnostics

Ignition 8.1.5: New Security Features, Perspective Improvements, and Tab Browser Updates

7 SCADA Security Best Practices To Consider Right Now

Opto 22’s Edge Controller and I/O Feature Ignition Onboard

Webinar: Design Like a Pro: How to Pick the Right System Architecture

Technical Pathways Program

Tutorial: Modbus Tutorial for Vaporized H2O2 probes

Webinar: Modbus 101

Webinar: Monitoring Probes for VH2O2 Sensors

Webinar: How to monitor and control vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination processes

vH2O2 Probes: Video Tutorial Analog Connectivity

GMP Validation/Mapping: Get the job done right the first time

Webinar: Reliable Monitoring for COVID-19 Applications


Introducing Official Support for NVIDIA Ubuntu on AAEON AI Edge Platforms

PICO-TGU4: Next Generation Compact Edge Solution

Powerful Industrial Computing from AAEON featuring 10th Generation Intel® Core™

AAEON AI: Making AI Inference Easy

UP Xtreme i11: Extreme Performance for the Edge

ASDM-L-CFS: Brilliant Performance for Your Application

Easy Mapping & Asset Tracking with Uinta Software

Webinar: Easy Mapping & Asset Tracking with Uinta Software


HANI™ Clamp-on Temperature Sensor

Wide range of product lines for all application types


USB3 Vision Cameras for Factory Automation, Quality Assurance, and Inspection


ITECH webinar on SAE: Advanced Testing Solutions for Powertrain System and AC/DC Automotive Components

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