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A leading manufacturer of wireless power and environmental monitors and monitoring applications. Focusing on making products that are easy to install and manage.

Packet Power meets the needs of critical facilities managers worldwide

Put wireless monitoring to work for you:

Branch Circuit Monitoring
Data Center Retrofit
Energy Benchmarking
Energy Cost Allocation
Facility Submetering
Generator & Transfer Switch Monitoring
HVAC Energy Optimization
Remote Temperature Monitoring

Packet Power meets the needs of critical facilities
managers worldwide

OEM Options

AC Power Monitoring
Our compact full­ power monitor measures current, power and energy on single­ and three­-phase circuits of 100 to 600V. The compact meter is powered directly from the circuit it monitors and utilizes a standard Decora/GFCI opening to allow for good radio performance. It supports up to 8 current transformers and a local OLED display.

Current­-Only Monitoring
Our wireless current­-only monitor measures current from up to six CTs. Highly compact, it installs via a standard 1” NPT knock out and has a local LED display.

DC Power Monitoring
Compact wireless monitors measure full power parameters including current (A), power (W) and energy (Wh) per circuit. Monitors utilize integrated current transformers (CTs) or external split core CTs and can perform net metering.

MP277 - Compact Wireless Power Monitor

S Cable- Smart Cable

BGP64 - Full Power Branch Circuit Monitor

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