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November 2014

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Welcome to our Newsletter for November 2014

MasTec is now reselling Elster Metering plus Wireless AMR with AMI products, direct from the factory in Europe.

For all those metering needs ask our sales team for help.

AMR= Automatic Meter Reading
AMI= Advanced Metering Infrastructure


Also an apology for missing our new company EMX last month who also have a large array of sensors and transducers also.

This month our Product Category focus is:-

Imaging, Cameras
Motion both
Servo and Stepper Motion Systems
AC Motor Soft Starts
DC Brushless Controllers and Motors

A total of 28 companies with a huge range of products.


MasTec has a great range of Smart Cameras, with built in ability to capture and do analysis on the images, then control, store and report, all without a computer anywhere close.

We recommend this method for most systems.

However, MasTec can provide Standard Cameras in older formats such as PAL, NTSC if required.

Most developers of very sophisicated imaging systems are now using USB or Ethernet Cameras in new formats such HD - 720 or 1080.

But for very fast capture they would use a PCIe grabbers with very fast industrial grade cameras.

If you are needing cameras for microscopes ( or microscopes with cameras already fitted ) we have a quite a collection and then there are speciality Medical, Vetinary and Dentist grade cameras.

The most amazing cameras are the 3D Systems and Studio grade cameras from Silicon Systems, have a quick look.

Do ask for help, it is a large area to select from.


This is when you add intelligence in a camera or external to a camera and start to capture and do analysis with decisions.

If you need a canned piece of imaging software that does very very smart stuff, and you need to analyses 2D images on a production floor, then TIC is worth a look. TIC was developed over 7 years and is truly sophisicated and powerful.

To spin your imaging systems, then you have several choices.

1/ Use a Smart Camera ( best choice for simple to medium systems )

2/ Use NI's LabVIEW software with a camera and the NI imaging library to make something very powerful. (TIC is built this way)

Note there are two levels of NI imaging.

1/ The live way - where in actual time, you use a tools library to capture the image and then the same toolset to work on th image until you get the results you require and then it auto builds a program to do this.

2/ Use the imaging library in LabVIEW to build a program yourself to do the job.

There are trade offs both ways.


Stepper and Servo Motors tied to a controller.

The controller can be like a smart camera, in that you can get controllers that allow developing a sequence of movements based on a series of external and internal paramaters with configuration or software.


Connect the controlle to a computer or a PLC/PAC and then program to do the motion work.

AC Soft Starters for AC Motors

Having soft starts on motors, reduces power loading and increases motor life, overall efficiencies improve, less AC noise also.

DC Brushless Motors and Controllers

These are new products for MasTec this year.

Do have a look if you are needing this type of technology.

DC brushless motors have a long life due to no brushes, - high reliability.

Other advantages are the motors characteristics can be controlled easily and repeatably.

Acceleration ( both +/- ), Velocity, + Power are all controllable by the Motor Controller.


Have a nice November.

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Motor Controllers and Soft Starts Interest

DC Brushless Motor and Controller Interest

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