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Wireless Products

MasTec has the largest range of Wireless products in Oceania.

We carry a huge range for Cellular, 900MHz and 2.4GHZ units.

Some examples

  • Embeddable Wireless Modules
  • Tough Phones, Tablets
  • Cellular 3G, 4G LTE Modems & Routers
  • M2M IOT cellular with IO
  • WiFi both box and embeddable modules
  • Blue Tooth USB and Serial with IO
  • ZigBee modules and embeddables
  • ZigBee progammable modules
  • Zigbee Wireless End Points
  • ZigBee Mesh Routers
  • ZigBee and Wifi Gateways
  • ZigBee Industrial IO
  • Digi Mesh modules and embeddables
  • Wifi Loggers
  • Wifi Cameras
  • WiFi Industrial IO
  • Embeddable Micros with WiFi and ZigBee
  • Point to Multi Point 2.4GHZ serial and IO
  • 3G/LTE Routers programmable and multi SIM with fall back, ADSL, Erthernet and more
  • Wavenis and more

Wireless Usages

It s becoming more common for Industrial systems to be monitored, even sometimes controlled by Smart Phones and tablets using 3G or LTE networks.


Products like groov has shown the way on this type of technology



Other Technologies

Zigbee technology is allowing huge IO monitoring with little effort or cost on private meshed nertworks. Running in 2.4GHZ, ZigBee is th new standard for making devices have wireless connectivity.

Wifi IO is also very popular and allows high bandwidth monitoring on private or public netwrks.

 Wireless Type  

 Usage and Specs

  Tough Phones, Tablets        

Complete Wireless Solutions for
Cool Stores, Greenhouses, Home Automation
   Includes Sensors and Software    
 LTE Backhauls and Routers   Vodafone ready    
 Advanced multi fall back Routers    Super Broadband    
 Broadband - Community coverage   Set up a ISP or provide a community with broadband, lower cost and easy installation, low infrastructure costs    
 3G Broad Band Routers    Used in data backhauls as they are standalone.
Also programmable for complex tasks with loads of options such as Wifi, ADSL, Ethernet Ports, USB and RS-232
 3G Backhaul    Simple straight industrial grade Routers  

 3G Backhaul    Two SIMS with ADSL and Wifi fall back  
 3G Backhaul    Dual Sim with fall over for other service  

 3G Backhaul    WiFi + Zigbee and more options  


 Gateways   Used to link local wireless networks to either Fiber, Copper or Wireless LANs and WANs.
Usually programmable for complex tasks with loads of options such as Zigbee, Digi Mesh, Long distance Mesh, WiFi, ADSL, 3G, GPRS, Ethernet Ports, USB and RS-232
 Commercial, Industrial and Extreme Gateways    From IT to Trucks  


 3G & 4G Modems    Lowest cost connection to 3G or GPRS.
They need control from a PC or micro to work
 IT & Industrial Grade    Modems are not like Routers, they do require control  

 3G 4G Modems RS-232, USB or Ethernet    Lowest cost modems  

 Embedding Kits    For OEMs, kits with micros, modem and software etc  
 WIFI    The stand building block for close IT traffic    
 WiFi Gateway (Ethernet, USB, wifi, 3G and Zigbee)   Gateways are similar to Routers, often used to bring Mesh networks out to the Wifi or 3G links  


 WiFi Point to Point and Meshed    2.4 and 5 GHZ Plus high power versions
line of site up to 30+ Kms.
 WiFi Serial Servers      

 WiFi Serial Servers - Embeddable   OEMs - Wifi to serial devices without design and build  

 WiFi with USB        
 WiFi Industrial Access        
 WiLAN Kits        
  Wifi Logger        
  Wifi DAQ        
 WiLAN Modules Embeddable      

  M2M Wireless with I/O     Remote monitoring and control systems    
 Industrial 3G and 4G M2M IOT   Allows analog and digital IO for Industry
Some - RTU Functions with Modbus Protocols

 Simple SMS monitoring and control    Allows analog and digital IO for commerce  

 Embedding Kits    OEMs who need off the shelf building blocks for M2M  
 Wireless Cable Replacers    Send and receive 4-20mA, 0-10V, DIO    
 2.4GHZ Systems    Ranges to one kilometer  

 Drop in Networks    Networks where there is no infrastructure cabling    
 ZigBee Mesh    Modules, End Points, & Embeddable chip sets  

 Industrial Grade ZigBee Mesh    Industrial Grade I/O with modbus over Zigbee  

 ZigBee Mesh Ember interoperable with other brands        
2.4GHZ IP67 Rated Point to multi point    Industrial Grade I/O with modbus over 802.15.4  
 Digi Mesh        full sleep zigbee
 DIN Gateways and Routers        
 Embedding Kits      
 Industrial    Moving comms data from one point to another or sometimes multi points, Serial, Ethernet and USB    
 Point to Point and Multipoint    2.4GHZ bands  

 Point to Multipoint - (huge IO count)    Single receivers, multiple transmitters true Modbus I/O either Modbus RTU, Serial or TCP  

 Mesh    Mutliple receivers and transmitters in a self healing mesh    
 Wavenis Modules low power multi point    Use with Elster's AMR and AMI systems    
 Bluetooth    2.4GHz local link used for audio, data and smartphones, industrially RS-232 and USB data    
 Point to Point to Multipoint Data    using RS-232  

 Point to Point to Multipoint Data    using USB    ,
 Point to Point to Multipoint Audio    using USB  
 OEM chips    OEM kits    
 Bluetooth DAQ    Androia and Windows kits    
 Bluetooth Logger      
 Wireless Monitoring & Control Products    Very easy way to get data back to a PC or controller for storage and analysis. Also Remote or localised Alarming    
Versatile Wireless Loggers to PC + Software
An extensive range of Laboratory and Field Wireless instrument interfacing systems
 Wireless Switch Products    Enables remote switching of devices or processes    
 Single & Multi Channel RF Relay & Power Switching    For cranes, doors, motors, ovens etc  
 Single & Two Channel RF Relay Switching (Momentary or Latching)    Very low cost 400MHZ garage door type control on single or multi channels    
 WiFi and 3G Video Survelliance    Speciality products for security using standard wireless    
 Wifi Links       ,
 WiFi Cameras      
 Wifi Industrial 5GHZ    up to 15kms range 150mbps    
 Wireless Loggers and Instruments    Speciality products for industry using standard wireless    
 Bio-Medical, Industrial and commercial products        
 Cluster, real time synchronous Data Collection      
 Temperature Monitoring, Alarming and Logging    SMS, GPRS and Wifi plus Zigbee    
 Wireless Printers and Barcode Scanner      
 GPS Global Positioning Systems    Build complete fleet management systems    
 Vehicle, stationary & embedding      

 Antennas and Connectors    Accessories    
 SMA and RPSMA etc        SMA Connector Discussion
 Antennas etc    ask - we can supply all types  

 Antenna Theory        Antenna Discussion- very complete reference

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