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Variac and other Transformers

MasTec Ltd has a full range of Transformers:- Mains, Isolators, Medical and Variac Auto transformers.

MasTec represents Belotti of Italy, one of the leading world supplier of Variac Transformers and IREM of Italy for all other Transformers and AC High End Conditioners, ++ TrippLite for Medical and Industrial 110 VAC Transformers for Export products.


There are basically three main types with power ratings from a few watts to 100KWatt or greater.

  • Hand controlled
  • Servo Controlled Stabalisers
  • Lighting Control Systems

Servo Control keeps the output VAC to a set level with <0.5% accuracy under 0-100% load.

Lighting Systems

Enable lights to be run at lower voltages, reducing power consumption and maintenance considerably.

Isolation Transformers:-

For telecommunication systems and more


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 Isolation and Power Transformers        
 Single Phase units        

 Three Phase units        
 Medical Grade Isolation Transformers 110VAC 60HZ        
 Single Phase units    Export Transformers    
 Industrial Isolation Transformers 110VAC 60HZ        
 Single Phase units    Export Transformers    
 Hand Controlled Variacs: Power Conditioning        
 Single Phase units         Powertech
 Three Phase units        
 Servo Controlled Variacs: Power Conditioning        
Single Phase units        
 Three Phase - same control on each phase        
 Three Phase - individual control on each phase        
 Controlled Variacs: Large Lighting Systems        
 Single and Three Phase - reduce lighting costs        

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