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Medical and Lab Grade UPSs

Broadest selection in Oceania

Medical Grade UPS, Line Conditioners

Electronic and Computer Isolated Conditioners

Standard Isolated

Ground Guards


  Medical Grade UL60601 and IEC60601

 Hardwired Isolated Conditioners

 OEM Low Impedance Isolated Conditioners

 Three Phase Isolated Conditioners

PowerVAR Ametek

An impressive line up of products and technology

Ametek is a Global company with sales of $3.6 billion.

AMETEK Powervar Celebrates 30 years of power quality this year.

All AMETEK Powervar products are built around a philosophy called "The ABC’s of Power Conditioning".

Each of their products incorporates the function of -

A low impedance isolation transformer

A power line noise filter

A high energy surge diverter

These three elements are the core of Powervar’s power quality solutions.

When applications require uninterruptible power, voltage regulation, harmonic mitigation or other protection necessities, their product solutions are based on The ABC’s of Power Conditioning to meet all of your system’s protection requirements.




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Mobile Power Manager (MPM)


High Frequency Online UPS HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA


Sinewave Isolated Rack UPS/UPM

Medical Grade UPM UL60601/IEC60601 3rd Edition.


Uninterruptible Isolated Power Manager


Uninterruptible Isolated Ravk Power Manager

 Ground Management Network UPM

 High crest factors & current inrush peripherals UPS

 Mission critical devices UPS + Medical

 Facility Power Management
Medical Grage Conditioners

Medical Grage UPS/UPMs

Single and Three Phase UPSs

Modular Scalable 3-Phase On-Line Double-Conversion Small-Frame UPS System

SVX Expandable UPSs

 SmartOnline S3MX Series 3-Phase 380/400/415V 100kVA 90kW On-Line Double-Conversion UPS

The TrippLite UPSs

TrippLite made the first UPS for PCs in the 1980's. MasTec started selling TrippLite in 1993 and has thousands of units running in Oceania.

MasTec stocks a range of UPSs in NZ from <1000VA to 10KVA

TrippLite has 52 UPS Models for 230 VAC 50 HZ

Data Center
Eco Energy-Saving

TrippLite is the leader in mid size Three Phase UPSs also.

TrippLite UPS Software is enterprise wide

The TrippLite Medical Grade UPSs

The TrippLite Medical Grade UPS is now the defacto UPS used in hospitals and medical sites in NZ and Australia.

They are also used extensively for free range medical equipment when patients move around in care services.

Models for 230/240 VAC systems.

Models for Medical Use include

350VA brochure
700VA brochure
1000VA brochure

Provides Ideal UPS Backup in Healthcare Facilities
Compliant with UL 60601-1 standards for use in patient-care vicinities, when plugged into a hospital-grade outlet

Built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise.

Complete Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Medical Solutions


300, 600, 1000, 1800 Watts Medical Grade Isolation

UPSs and PDUs are Center Stage in MasTec

MasTec has been distributing UPSs and PDUs since 1993 and has well over 20K systems in the Oceania market alone.

We sell throughout Oceania, including Australia, Pacific Islands, up into Indonesia, Malaysia, even China and Korea.

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  • UPS - Software and Accessories
  • UPS- FAQ & Discussions
  • UPS - Battery Replacement Info
  • UPS - Usage Tips


MasTec has many Dealers and Resellers

If you would like to join us, please ask our
Power Engineer for details.

Single PC/Home/Small to Med Business Grade:-

  • TrippLite made the first UPS for the PC
  • Powercom Line Interactive Range
  • Soltec On Line UPS Range

Server Grade:- 1KVA to 400KVA

  • TrippLite Parallel & Redundant Swap UPS
  • Gamatronic Scaleable, Redundant Swap
  • JST Redundant Hot Swap Scaleable
  • Powercom has the Vanguard range
  • Soltec has the AHA range for Office Servers

  • TrippLite PDUs power distribution units
  • Build AC redundancy in the rack
  • Measure power usage

Server Room or Cloud Facility Grade:-

  • TrippLite also has superb product with Hot Swap Redundant UPSs that can be Paralleled with a fall over Static Switch to become the ultimate power protection.
  • Gamatronic have the best Redundant Hot Swap Scaleable UPSs for Clouds - mid to high range redundant and scaleable to 400KVA
  • JST UPSs power many facilities - small to mid range redundant hot swap scaleable
  • Soltec has high quality UPSs for Servers - from mid to high range - some Parallel Redundant to 300KVA

Industrial Marine and Military Grade++:-

  • Gamatronic makes commercial, industrial, marine and military grade products.

Medical Grade:-

  • TrippLite and PowerVar are the leading medical grade UPS makers.
  • We can also build higher VA medical grade UPSs using medical conditioners, medical transformers and standard UPSs,

MasTec can also supply other manufacturers UPSs, including APC and Eaton Power for sites already committed to these brands.

Please ask our Power Engineer for detailsls.l

 UPSs - Uninterruptible Power Systems        
 Apple Computer UPS Systems 750VA - 3000 VA        
 Windows, Linux UPS Systems 750VA - 3000 VA        
 Line Interactive UPS Systems 750VA - 10000 VA    Very high power efficiencies    

 On-Line UPS Systems 1KVA - 320KVA    Regenerated AC power : AC >DC > AC    

 Redundant Scaleable Hot Swap 1KVA - 400KVA    Expand your power as required - Hot Replace    

 Parallel Redundant UPSs 10KVA - 320KVA    Two UPSs - one for backup    

 Medical Grade UPSs 1KVA - 3 KVA    Certified ISO Medical Grade UPSs    
 Array UPSs        
 Home or Building UPS        

Special UPSs

Inverter + large charger + controller + large battery bank

  Sinewave high surge load Inverter + large charger - 1.2 to 10KVA

Charger 500 to 3000 watts - 40/50/60 amps,

Input for Solar Panels 12, 24 and 48 VDC systems
( Outback )

Power Distribution Units

Build redundancy in your Racks
Measure power consumption with alarams
Some models have PDUs with Ethernet Switches


PDUs are an absolute requirement for all server and cloud rooms.

A huge range of single and three phase models

 USB Charging Systems        

Multi Outlet high power

Large Range

  TrippLite is your master supplier of these systems  
 Specialty Power        

Special Power Systems

Road side cabinets, Signage, Railway, Industrial etc

  A huge range  
 Battery Packs    All manufacturers have a complete range for their UPS    Batteries
 Custom Battery Packs    Ask about options, we can build what you require    
 UPSs - Software + Accessories        
 Most Asian UPSs + APC and a few others        
 Most USA and European UPSs        
 UPSs - Industrial DC UPS        
 From Small to Very Large        

 Redundant Industrial Power and DC UPS Controller & Charger        
 UPS - FAQ and Discussions        
 UPS - Battery Replacement Info      
 UPS Usage Tips        MasTec

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