Strain Gauges

Strain Gauge Folis

For our OEM manufacturers this series of products will be very helpful as they come from two of the most respected names in the business.

BCM is the Master Transducer Maker from Belgium that offers it PrecisionFoli Gauges to the OEM market also.

Omega has the broadest range of gauges on the market today.

Karma Gauges

Omega now offers a full line of Karma strain gages. The K-Series gages are often used for OEM transducer applications where exacting thermal and fatigue specifications are required. K-series gages have tightly controlled backing thickness, and very uniform matrix placement on the carrier to provide consistency from batch to batch


Prewired for easier installation

Precision Gauges with either 1 m or 3 m of insulated wire attached for easy installation. KFH Series gauges available in Linear patterns, Tee Rosettes, or 0/45/90 Planar Rosettes. They have a flexible polyimide backing and encapsulation to provide a flexible, durable gage for high accuracy measurements of static or dynamic strain.

Quality Gauges

Transducer quality strain gages are available in a variety of patterns, their rugged construction, reliability and flexibility make them suitable for highly accurate static and dynamic transducers.

General Purpose Gauges

Available in a variety of models to cover most strain measurement applications. Rugged construction and flexibility make them suitable for highly accurate static and dynamic measurement.



MasTec has a full line of signal condioning modules

plus metering systems

Meters for strain monitoring and controlling, easy to read and easy to use.

A variety of instruments for use in strain related applications, from dataloggers, bridges and amplifiers to full systems.


Everything to get the most out of your strain gages: adhesives, cables, pads, full kits, and more

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